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Example sentences for pleasing

Not only is this a beautiful picture but it has so many elements that make it pleasing to the eye.
Here's a guide to the regional specialties that put this palate-pleasing destination on the culinary map.
He was more interested in pleasing than in challenging his public.
Modern humans did not get where they are by being pleasing or gentle.
It was pleasing to their political conceits to imagine that science backed up their preferences.
The gourmand enjoys the consumption for the tastes that are pleasing and extraordinary.
It's pleasing to see that people appreciate that there is beauty in science.
Although often visually pleasing, it may do a disservice to the data.
It is so pleasing to know that someone getting paid to do a job isn't threatened by offered help.
There are many potential patterns and some look more pleasing than others.
Everybody has their own unique view of acceptance, what is pleasing to one will be unaccepted to another.
Sure, it comes in all flavors and textures, so to be more pleasing to the taste buds.
The flash reflections on the droplet aren't as pleasing, and harsh shadows fall distractingly on the backdrop.
Mix it up by taking some shots outside, or in areas that are more visually pleasing than your lab bench.
It is pleasing to see this acknowledged in the article.
There is no recognized option that you have chosen clothing because it is comfortable or aesthetically pleasing to yourself.
We isolate and avoid smells that are offensive to us and work to enhance and encourage aromatically pleasing scents.
Working to please everyone is a recipe for pleasing no one, especially yourself.
They said they were concerned not only that their spaces met their needs but also that their campuses had a pleasing appearance.
But the right long ago caught on and its own purchase on the art of self-pleasing ridicule.
The teaching award, by contrast, makes pleasing the crowd seem more axiomatic than merit.
Soon the instrument of pleasing people becomes the goal of pleasing people.
But if you can live frugally or have a little supplemental income, you can find a pleasing balance between work and life.
It may look pleasing to the eye, but it is not pleasing to the body.
The background must have some detail in order to produce the pleasing streaks you are looking for.
Distant ship horns and the bangs of coupling freight trains floated up, providing pleasing counterpoints to birdsongs.
Photographing people requires finding approachable people in a pleasing situation in good light.
It's often difficult to get a crowd shot that's pleasing.
Some faces are more pleasing to look at than others.
The content of the photograph must be simple, uncluttered and pleasing to the eye.
The content of each photograph must be simple, uncluttered and pleasing to the eye.
Stark, modern decor offers a pleasing contrast to the illuminated castle across the river.
But again, it's not aesthetically pleasing and can use some images or even video to enhance the content.
The content of the photograph must be simple, uncluttered, and pleasing to the eye.
Landscape that is pleasing to the eye is only part of the great pleasure of gardening.
They are dependable, completely functional pleasing to the eye and gentle on the landscape.
It is happy for you that you possess the talent of pleasing with delicacy.
Their sole object was to profit themselves by pleasing the public.
Delicious fruit is pleasing to the taste, but it is the tree that bears it that merits our esteem.
The current methods of annexing the property of others are characterized by a pleasing indirectness and refinement.
Naturally, all people's tastes are not equally pleasing to the taste of the bride-nor are all pocketbooks equally filled.
Releasing the oldest auction that is the pleasing some still renewing.
Crowd-pleasing nachos are a great weeknight meal when piled high with spicy chorizo, jalapenos, and creamy guacamole.
The results are surprisingly pleasing, given the potential for conflict among so many kinds of plants.
Different drums have different sounds, so in total, it has the pleasing effect of a rather random rhythm section.
Add dahlias and calendulas one by one, adjusting their height with the pruners to achieve a pleasing balance.
Before planting, put down a rope or hose, and adjust it until you form a pleasing design.
The interior, a mash up of aluminum trim and soft-touch leather, is pleasing to the eye.
But if you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing bare-bones reader you can certainly do worse.
It is possible to design a figure that communicates the technical information and is pleasing to the eye.
And any outfit that depends on advertising is liable to worry more about offending advertisers than about pleasing viewers.
It equivocated before plumping for the crowd-pleasing option.
The only purpose of a company is to make profits and it can make profits only by pleasing customers.
His elevation brings a curious, and in many ways pleasing, symmetry to governance in the sub-continent's two nuclear-armed giants.
So it is pleasing to note that truth and technology had a few victories over the other stuff this week.
The idea is pleasing, but the implications are perplexing.
But until the last few days nearly everything else it said seemed to be aimed at pleasing its more nationalist supporters.
So this week's result was especially pleasing for the president.
The book is full of pleasing anecdote, but he makes some hefty points as well.
Yet his frenetic trips around the country inaugurating crowd-pleasing public works make his intentions plain.
Apple products are aesthetically pleasing to look at.
Other freshmen strove to achieve pleasing configurations of their furniture.
New wool has a scaly cortex for excellent thermal insulation and pleasing texture.
The funky, fruity aroma relents to a tangy sourness, while the serious carbonation provides a pleasing tingle.
Read on to sample my sensational recipe for drumsticks, which transforms them into crowd-pleasing sliders.
Light tomato in color, sharp, but not too sharp to be pleasing on fruit.
There is so much detail in every section of the map, and the variety from within the map itself was pleasing.
The renovation's apparently pleasing group meeting planners.
The region offers a mild climate with a pleasing breeze that helps keep summer temperatures down.
These upscale establishments have individual approaches to pleasing their guests, taking the monotony out of the hotel experience.
Cooked right, it's wonderfully textured and savory--pleasing to meat-eaters and the rest of us.
But it was also stubbornly formless and devoid of crowd-pleasing sound bites.
There was the crowd-pleasing trio of marching bands, gospel choirs, and acrobats.
The relation between the two elements, the resulting pull or dance, is pleasing and expressive.
Clothing creates the illusion that bodies fit an aesthetically pleasing norm.
There was a pleasing, jazzy tune, and my little character walked around planting tomatoes with a self-satisfied little smile.
These constraints are a pleasing challenge that deconstruct my city self.
But there are other, more pleasing constants in the chaos.
In warm weather, lunch is served on the patio, to the pleasing accompaniment of live guitar music.
Randall relates a pleasing incident to show how little he had come to regard the stings and arrows of outrageous politics.
Short stories for me are the one realm where pleasing the audience is not a consideration.
While it is less pleasing than some other instruments, it secures more perfect concert than any other.
People's face when they see the physicality is pleasing and unexpected.
It would be difficult to imagine a more unlikely, or more pleasing, combination of architectural marvels nestled side by side.
The hodgepodge of design idioms should have been unsettling to the eye, but somehow it all came together to form a pleasing whole.
First, the mud is a pretty pink, so already it's pleasing to the eye.
His explanations to the prospective jurors were concise and clear, and he made himself pleasing to them.
That's the recipe for this clunky, fraudulent, yet apparently crowd-pleasing laugh-and-tear-jerker.
All the crowd-pleasing guffaws are in the trailer, and they occur only when the plot turns.
Her enthusiasm as a performer is never mere crowd-pleasing, and her lack of cynicism is never empty cheer.
There is a kernel to this movie which feels harder and more stubborn than the pleasing, period fluff that enfolds it.
Tells about watching models in tennis-playing poses moving in pleasing ways.
The same store has a large col- lection of fancy wool socks, including some with a pleasing pattern of blue- and-white squares.
He carried equipment and arranged the limbs of the dead in more pleasing compositions.
What makes science fun is this adventure of discovery, which is both aesthetically pleasing and is productive in a practical way.
Your blog is laid out well pleasing theme, helpful content.
They pack a lot of information into a pleasing and engaging format.
The end result is a really pleasing and accessible video editor.
More people are crowded into smaller rooms, and they own fewer aesthetically pleasing possessions.
They do seem to have lost themselves in pleasing ideas without practical reality.
These properties alone are what make me think it a pleasing theory.
It isn't a question of what is pleasing to us, it is a question of what is true.
They are, typically, much more interested in being right than in pleasing political factions.
And the conclusions they put forward must be the ones that their expertise dictates, whether or not they find these pleasing.
The proposal is intellectually attractive, morally pleasing, but politically fanciful.
Most roundabouts are also more aesthetically pleasing and cost much less to construct than stoplight intersections.
Occasionally added some crowd-pleasing zest to his usual low-key, intellectual style.
The development of alternative barriers that are aesthetically pleasing is a continuing process.
In spring, dark red-purple flowers appear after danger of frost, providing a pleasing and long-lasting display.
The collector will be low profile and will integrate into the building skin, creating an aesthetically pleasing, uniform surface.

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