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Example sentences for pleased

So he was pleased last week when he and his colleagues at other private colleges resolved to do something about it.
The magician stands at the side of the stage, looking pleased at his little joke.
Can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be pleased with this gift.
The image pleased him: so much so, that he took a photograph.
It was a softer message, one that many college officials are likely to be pleased to hear.
And yet the perceived slight might have pleased him.
From their angry snarls he knew they were not pleased to see an intruder in their den.
We need to know when an animal is threatened by or pleased with our behavior, or what they are communicating by their behavior.
Both sides were pleased with having a chance to make their rivals squirm.
Not everyone is pleased with the opening of the treasure, however.
These papers always pleased the drug maker, though the student who conducted the trial often didn't recognize the data.
She was quite proud and quite pleased to bring it in.
If it is an offer, be excited and extremely pleased on the phone.
As for the goal of levelling the academic playing field, the state is pleased so far.
Southwest was so pleased with the outcome, it may use a similar model to study the ticket counter area.
But it struck me that the people who were posing with their fish looked equally pleased with themselves, whatever their catch.
We are pleased to support them as they set out on promising careers.
Having built their model, the researchers were pleased to find that it fitted the historical data well.
These could choose to ban the business or to tax it at whatever rate they pleased.
My brother you will be pleased to hear, is now in perfect health, is indefensible.
And if the finished work caused disquiet, as it usually did, that pleased her.
Environmentalists will of course be pleased, regardless.
For many hours mobs controlled the streets, burning and looting as they pleased.
The government, which is hoping for a surge in foreign investment, is pleased.
Reading the comments, the comparison seems to have pleased no one.
The obsessives will now be feeling mightily pleased.
Few seemed pleased to see him: cursory cheering and ululating quickly melted into complaints.
Of all these different rhythms, none pleased him so much as the bolero.
But some scientists are not pleased with this consensus.
Environmental health scientists were pleased by the findings, saying it embraces everything that they have been saying for years.
Still, none are pleased when their colleges appear on the list, much less when a college lands at the top.
She said the university was pleased with the results of getting rid of early admission.
We thought that was an excellent question, so are pleased to have an opportunity to respond.
He was too pleased with himself to notice the shimmering torpedo emerge from the depths.
Pleased with the comfort, function and overall style.
The photographer would not have been pleased by this new retrospective.
Some commentators are not pleased at this development.
But these new groups weren't free to do whatever they pleased.
She was not pleased and made sure he knew it, loading him up with shopping lists and resentment.
The alacrity of the reply pleased him, and the smile broadened into a laugh.
Only a fraction of those homeowners is delinquent, but certainly none of them is pleased about being underwater.
But really, the vast majority of mobile phone customers should be quite pleased.
The city is understandably pleased with the results.
Quite pleased with myself for noticing a typo without having to check.
We are of course pleased that our work has received attention and has appeared on your site.
Even receiving such an enigmatic card pleased me immensely.
When a scientific experiment uncovers a new phenomenon, a scientist is pleased.
To my mind, the picture is too crude and the artist too pleased with himself.
While a few soldiers told me that they regretted enlisting and couldn't wait to get out, many more seemed pleased.
It wants to please more or less as it has been pleased, by the art that touched it in its formative years.
We are pleased to hear from our visitors and welcome your comments regarding our products and services.
Not everyone is pleased by this departure from the usual cosmological thinking.
Researchers are pleased with the outcome and see it as a big step towards more widespread use of service robots.
Now he was sitting up in a wheelchair, exhausted but visibly pleased.
Don would have acted neither pleased nor displeased about the attention.
He looks pleased that his friend and fellow police officer is still alive.
It did not follow, though, that the world was automatically pleased.
Yes, but you don't have the same tightness and flexibility and often your husband is not pleased.
The masks, according to his scenario, would free guests to dance and mingle as they pleased.
They were pleased to see us there, bearing witness to our sins.
Then he could work gently toward some of the things that pleased him.
Maybe he thought his father would be pleased that he was doing something constructive for a change.
He feels lucky, and pleased that someone showed up with whom it is so easy to laugh.
Its voters were proud of and pleased with the array of choices before them: proud of its diversity, pleased with its unity.
He was so pleased with himself for this that he smiled.
The king was pleased and gave the poet a golden mask.
She was so pleased with his work that she told her friends and business began to pick up.
He walked, quite pleased with himself, to the subway.
He is pleased that she is demonstrating a preference for his company.
Well, listen, can't exactly tell you how pleased and so on about the prospects of having a collection out under your aegis.
She knew what happened when you were twenty-one: you were given a key and allowed to do as you pleased.
He realized that this obsession was slightly mad, but he was pleased that she seemed content.
They are pleased by his judicial appointments but mystified by his profligate spending.

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