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Sweet yellow flesh cooks up to be nutty and pleasantly dry.
Expect warm weather but pleasantly cool hiking beneath the redwoods.
When mixed with eggs, they create a soft custard base with chewy lemon pieces and a pleasantly bitter edge.
Intense, pleasantly bitter lemon zest and minerals softened by a floral quality.
Was pleasantly surprised to find that it had been a major city.
They beam, proud and pleasantly sunburned, next to their prizes.
The air inside is pleasantly cool, and the walls are smooth and dry, with patches of original plaster.
Your subject will stand out sharply as the rest of the image surrounding it remains pleasantly blurred.
The lodge's interior is spacious and cool, and smells pleasantly of hide and smoke.
He takes a sip of tea and pleasantly turns the conversation to politics.
What was pleasantly surprising was that they have survived into the present.
We were both pleasantly surprised at how well it went.
He lives pleasantly with my two cats and he knows to be respectful around them.
It was filled with tools and pieces of metal, and the air held the pleasantly acrid scent of machine oil.
The trimmed marigold tastes much milder than the flower smells, of a lush tropical garden, herbaceous and pleasantly bitter.
Talks easily, fluently and pleasantly likes people and gets on well with them.
Use red-stemmed mint, simply because red-stemmed mint is more pleasantly aromatic.
The roof tiles showed above the supporting beams, and the effect was pleasantly rustic.
He hadn't expected that and was pleasantly surprised.
What a pleasantly awkward position in which to find myself.
Sometimes they've been pleasantly surprised, finding that an environment is actually more welcoming than they had expected.
Was pleasantly surprised at the positive response to the idea.
It is also a pleasantly unpedantic lesson in writing a short, coherent history of a long and confusing period.
GW couldn't help but tell him how incredibly-and pleasantly-surprised he was at the quality of the exceptional sushi.
But pay attention to what's coming out of his mouth and you may be pleasantly surprised.
If roaches eat the excrement of other roaches, they mature more quickly, she says pleasantly.
Expect paranoia and you may be pleasantly surprised.
But with some careful planning they might find themselves pleasantly surprised by life in coach.
By striving to set expectations low, it is easier to pleasantly surprise a customer with service that might actually be sub-par.
Pleasantly, between the pelting showers, the sunshine gushes down.
It is a charming example of how pleasantly a great scholar can unbend on occasion.
We are not too pleasantly surprised by this new factor in our problem.
Inculcate thus pleasantly right standards of drama, and the lure of vaudeville and picture show is weakened.
Or, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out your father is a safer driver than you are.
The other roles are handled pleasantly, and some effective use is made of newsreel clips.
Tourists and expatriates may be pleasantly surprised when scanning prices in the local food markets and restaurants.
Tourists and expatriates may be pleasantly surprised when scanning prices in the local food markets.
The prices to stay at several high-end locations might pleasantly surprise you.
The port city, pleasantly uncrowded with other cruise ships, is also a strong destination for pre- and post-cruise visits.
The rest of the movie follows suit, unfolding predictably but pleasantly.
Age, openness and beauty are pleasantly etched there.
The entire film has a pleasantly distracted quality, in tune with its characters.
The summer brings pleasantly warm weather and abundant sunshine.
The walk is pleasantly shaded in summer and sheltered from wind during winter.
We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by what you learn.
Most people, however, are pleasantly surprised by the ease and speed of the process.
Hikers will be pleasantly surprised by the sounds of songbirds in the riparian vegetation along the creek.
However, if you have traveled to the state lately, you may have been pleasantly surprised.
Daylilies are not only pretty to look at, they are often pleasantly fragrant.
It then joins a road and meanders pleasantly along the ridge where it affords a spectacular view across the valley below.
They are using less energy, winter drafts are gone, and the new insulation makes their home pleasantly quiet.
Ability to use the computer terminal and simultaneously interact pleasantly with patrons in often stressful situations.

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