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For others, it had been a vigorous but pleasant walk in the hills.
Mine is a small, pleasant town, much like one you'd see in the movies.
Subjects rated the smell as much more pleasant when it was labeled cheese.
She was being not very pleasant to a saleswoman.
Not quaint, but pleasant and reasonably priced.
It's pleasant enough, in a completely inoffensive way.
But I don't care about how pleasant or unpleasant it is.
These gerbils were considered so pleasant and interesting that soon others were brought in to be sold as pets.
The whole flight took about four days, and left indelible and pleasant memories.
While there are a few clever lines in the dialogue, the best that can be said is that it's pleasant but forgettable.
These moist, chewy chocolate cookies have a pleasant ginger kick and are a real crowd pleaser.
If there are no others entering at the moment, each guest makes a few pleasant remarks.
For, unlike mere insomnia, lying awake at night in the woods is pleasant.
My day should also be pleasant and my weekend friend filled.
To my pleasant surprise, it was an invitation for a telephone interview.
Demonstrating a generally pleasant manner throughout the interview may help you convey your suitability as a colleague.
Our chat went well, and to my pleasant surprise they offered me the position.
It is less pleasant, however, to tackle the divisiveness and rancor of countrymen and kin.
But each chat makes you memorable, and encourages your fellow chatterers to see you as a pleasant individual with a life history.
It will be a pleasant shock to their readers how much local history took place.
Another pleasant surprise of the business world has been the diversity of my co-workers.
Being able to, in effect, select one's students makes life so much more pleasant and productive.
It was not a pleasant experience, in part because the reading took over an hour and the speaker stuttered.
Our busy schedule does not allow much time to contemplate the pleasant surroundings.
It's people working to make a living, and while it's obvious that it's not exactly pleasant, it's an amazing photo.
It is out-of-the-way but the drive is pleasant and the destination is well worth the effort.
Because nurse sharks are not prone to attacks on humans, it's also likely to be a pleasant experience.
But for now, it is a pleasant surprise to find another, more meaningful way to capture a sense of space.
Here, a good map means the difference between a pleasant drive and an interminable one.
Jon spent a lot of time after his book came out defending himself, and that's not pleasant.
Summer is the prime time to make this drive, though spring and fall can also be pleasant.
The idea was pleasant enough: fresh air, drinks, and a soaring sailboat in the summer's evening light.
Weather is at its mildest in summer but crowds are at their biggest-particularly on pleasant weekends.
On such occasions, few things are more pleasant than a cool, postprandial mud bath.
So, while the weather is still pleasant and the landscape full of life and color, walk slowly and carry a loaded camera.
It didn't feel too bad but the smell, and the insects, were not pleasant.
Fall is also good for both pleasant weather and a jam-packed calendar of events.
The somatosensory cortex processes touch and the anterior cingulate cortex processes pleasant information.
The subjects became better at distinguishing tones similar to those that had been presented alone or with a pleasant scent.
The way sounds come together as pleasant or unpleasant can be explained by mathematics.
Then the participants were given psychological tests to measure their ability to savor pleasant experiences.
The prospect of a delusional hallucinating mate is not a pleasant one.
None of which would be remotely as efficient, safe and pleasant as a dirigible by the way.
Maybe they are more adaptable in society and have a more pleasant existence.
The workings of the hand are not, however, either pleasant or fair.
The ones to come might not be particularly pleasant.
Excellent keyboard provides pleasant tactile response and lots of useful hot-keys.
Sparrows seem pleasant, but fluttering feathers can hide vicious claw-to-claw combat at feeders.
It doesn't cost a lot to have a pleasant livable world.
Pleasant interface as long as you don't use the stylus.
The interior surfaces are pleasant to the eyes and fingertips.
In banking, however, the word has less pleasant connotations.
The amount in a puff from a cigarette acts as a pleasant stimulus.
Of course, companies spend a lot of time designing work environments to be efficient and pleasant places to work.
Reporting quarterly results, a painful experience elsewhere, has by and large been a pleasant task.
But this story has another side that is less pleasant.
Indeed, if the sector has a secret it may be a pleasant one.
Thus what would otherwise have been a solitary moment is magically transformed into a pleasant encounter.
If the sector has a secret it may be a pleasant one.
The economics suggest it would be cheaper, easier, and more pleasant for the workers to hire them to sit around and do nothing.
The challenge for the future is not to stem the tide, but to keep life as pleasant as possible for those who remain.
Dealing with a company's customer service center, for example, should be an efficient and pleasant experience.
They have really been a pleasant counterbalance and antidote to each other.
Cobbled together from unused fragments that had been intended for a film, this work is normally treated as a pleasant diversion.
It was pleasant in the summer, when the sea breeze cooled the heat of the day.
There is a pleasant yard to move about in, shaded by an apple tree which overhangs the low rail fence.
The cold metal on my face was a pleasant change from the soft warmth of the aesthetician's fingers.
The prospect of the future, accordingly, is on the whole pleasant and encouraging.
But the waterfront is pleasant in a utilitarian way.
All were pleasant trifles with a slightly political spin.
But it doesn't take much of a leap to imagine that being boiled alive isn't pleasant, and that's exactly why we're squeamish.
To understand how and why, let's take a pleasant stroll through the dark and complicated webs of campaign finance law.
Residual moisture accelerates the staling process, prematurely exposing coffee's less pleasant aromas and flavors.
People told him frequently that he had a pleasant face, which he figured was their way of telling him he wasn't outright ugly.
Politics is as much as not speaking unpleasant truths as it is speaking pleasant untruths.
It produces a heavenly tingly-cool sensation and at the same time a pleasant inner glow.
Now the restaurant has reopened in a pleasant corner location a few minutes away.
He rarely spoke but had, by all accounts, a pleasant disposition.
It is an awkward moment, but he is a pleasant stranger.
All of this is pleasant enough, in a stupefyingly innocuous way.
He also got a kick out of her smile, which was usually accompanied by a frown, as if happiness were a pleasant form of melancholy.
They were originally bred to be chaperones--to look forbidding while being pleasant to spend time with.
The well-made works of the veteran choreographer are always pleasant, if rarely stirring.
Tracking down old friends, after all, can be pleasant.
But that turned out to be a pleasant fiction, a tale told to lab workers foolish enough to ask.
It would certainly be a pleasant surprise to live longer without falling apart.
And the hike could be quite pleasant, if you had planned on it, and were not racing the imminent sunset.
The pleasant laughter of tickle is the way the brain responds to that touch.
It is not a pleasant experience but a necessary one.
It is not a pleasant situation and it is not a pleasant picture.
But this pleasant pedestrian mall still harbors plenty of charming spots.
These are a bit cheaper but take longer, and train travel is so much more pleasant.

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