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Example sentences for pleading

Individuals judged pleading purrs as more urgent and less pleasant than normal purrs.
Many are still waiting, but some morning soon they too will wake to the lilt of a backyard bird pleading for a mate.
You're the instructor, and students are crowding the lectern, pleading for study advice for the midterm.
But near-incoherent writing is what it is, and not exempt from criticism because of special pleading.
Its owner was later sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and tax-evasion charges.
Let's not get mired down in a discussion and special pleading over the increase in technology costs.
While pleading on almost every page for the rights of the poor, he has no sentimental pity for the idle vagrant.
In the pleading of cases nothing pleases so much as brevity.
The rest of the family swarmed around us, cajoling and pleading.
For a homeopathic preparation to be taken seriously, it has to stand on its merits, not on any special pleading.
My road to skepticism started with one voice pleading for critical thinking and reason.
At some point, the owner flashed me a pleading smile.
Between these two margins come many wistful, pleading, or triumphant notes.
If such pleading doesn't work, however, then all federal authorities could do is shrug.
Thirty years ago it was a serious concern to him whether his pleading was good and effective.
Alex buckles over, pleading for mercy in a high-pitched voice.
It's amazing to see some of these singers, when they get cut, start pleading and crying and begging.
Trustbusters are rightly wary of special pleading on behalf of banking or other industries.
The result was a festival of genteel special-pleading.
There is an uncomfortable whiff of special pleading about this argument.
The interim government is pleading for outside help.
Exasperated roundheads would occasionally resort to pleading with regulators for help.
Allegations in a pleading to which a responsive pleading is required are admitted when not denied in the responsive pleading.
Time for amendment or reply after motion on pleading.
The next line of information is about who filed the pleading and the date and time it was filed.
Slowly--sometimes over months, sometimes over years--the eyes stop pleading.

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