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It is true that defense counsel usually end up advising clients to plead guilty.
If editors and publishers plead poverty in this era of declining circulation, he.
If the police stopped him, he'd plead poverty and tiny mouths to feed, and send them home with an armload of fruit.
The tribunal has yet to determine whether foreign lawyers may even appear to plead before it.
It's possible to plead academic freedom and say that it's a legitimate question.
It requires us to look, to search, to plead with nature for an answer.
In mitigation of their previous failure, they can justly plead that global warming is a problem of unique complexity.
That's why they created this world-wide agencies to cover their tracks and plead ignorance or incompetence.
The company eventually agreed to plead guilty due to the financial and emotional stress of the case, he said.
With plea bargaining, defendants are under huge pressure to plead guilty.
Unable to calm the hot-heads, he could do little but plead for the law to be respected.
It does not require a plaintiff to plead with particularity every element of a cause of action.
And many subsequently plead guilty after charges are reduced, which is why so many do not go on to contest the case.
Pundits plead for a blood-sweat-and-tears speech on the economic crisis, but she has yet to deliver it.
Rawlings might choose to plead guilty in return for a lesser sentence, or to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
Each had come to plead for more money to support the development of open-source educational software.
Jocks, lots of jocks, plead for quick cures for strained muscles or torn tendons.
The right wing opposition would use the cost to derail the proposals, the left would plead morality.
If he publishes a statement from another source, he can not plead ignorant when that statement has been pointed out to him.
BA provides you a link to check this info out and you plead that it's over your head.
Some prosecutors deliberately overcharge to encourage suspects to plead guilty on lesser counts.
And prisoners cannot plead their cases as effectively as prison builders can plead theirs.
First, they could plead poverty and demand easier terms in future.
After he agreed to plead guilty, prosecutors asked for five years in jail.
The agencies plead that they have been misused and misunderstood.
Many have at best a fleeting encounter with a lawyer, who will probably advise them to plead guilty.
In the courtroom of the literary journal, book reviewers should rarely be permitted to plead the ineffable.
North refused to plead guilty to anything and as a result was indicted on twelve counts.
To protest is to plead for higher standards, and it is a duty to do that.
When the newspaper in your rival's town comes after you, the smartest thing to do is plead ignorance.
Married couple plead guilty in big insider-trading ring.
Twenty mins later he called to tell me he'd ordered an end to the barrage and plead for our continued friendship.
Then, too, it is superfluous for a science that has something to offer to plead for auditors and adherents.
But he never said anything better than when he advised his fellow-citizens to fight, not to plead, for their rights.
For he that shall in this case plead alteration of property, seems to have forfeited a great part of his own claim to humanity.
Scientists the world over plead for a chance to examine him.
Leo took time off work and went to plead her case every day for three weeks.

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