plea bargain in a sentence

Example sentences for plea bargain

Well a lot of people can keep their mouths shut till they get caught and plea bargain.
Now a plea bargain or even the dismissal of all charges against him seems likely.
In fact, his trial counsel negotiated an excellent plea bargain for him.
The prosecutor may also dismiss a charge as part of a plea bargain or diversion program.
Charges are often dropped or reduced as a result of a plea bargain.
It will be the duty of the court to ensure that the plea bargain was entered into voluntarily by the parties.
Nevertheless, there also may be negative consequences to a plea bargain.
Neither the lawyer or the judge mentioned that in accepting a plea bargain, he could be deported.
The defendant was invited to sit with the city attorney and plea bargain.
There can be no plea bargain to an illegal sentence.
The judge then decides whether or not to accept the terms of the plea bargain agreement.
The prosecution and the defense often resolve a criminal case with a plea bargain.
Resolution of multiple cases under negotiated plea bargain.
Miller was offered a plea bargain based on his entry of a guilty plea to a reduced charge.
In traffic cases you may receive a mail-in plea bargain from the prosecutor prior to your court date.
He took a plea bargain and was sentenced to a month in rehab and a month on probation.
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