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Perry's suit is a request-a desperate plea-for a court to invent a rule.
The sage makes an eloquent plea in self-defense but is nonetheless found guilty and condemned to die.
Cooper rejected a plea bargain that called for a sentence of four to seven years.
Yet for over a decade he has languished in jail awaiting a response to his plea for mercy.
He resolutely denied her plea to have the picture removed.
Prosecutors declined to comment on the case or describe the details of his plea agreement.
Plea bargaining provides another tool to extract evidence.
The guilty plea brings to a close a long chapter in hacker history.
But this is more a plea for wiser policymakers than a case against reducing rates.
It is the plea that someone should work on the future.
He refused to enter a plea himself, leading the judge to enter a plea of innocence on his behalf.
His plea bargain stipulates that any state sentence will not exceed and will run concurrently with his federal sentence.
Other parents with working spouses may not have been wholly persuaded by his plea.
He could make an uncharacteristic admission of guilt and plea bargain.
It was extraordinarily dangerous because he was using a plea for a client as a soapbox.
Well a lot of people can keep their mouths shut till they get caught and plea bargain.
The nymph continued her flight, and left his plea half uttered.
When the night of the dinner arrived he was with difficulty prevented from running off somewhere on the plea of professional duty.
To the false plea that he prefers the squalid homes in which his kind are housed there could be no better answer.
But poets have been challenged to resign the civic crown to reasoners and mechanists, on another plea.
Perpend this then, and do not too hastily deride my plea that you should practise verse-writing.
To the tender-hearted and unwary it is, in itself, the strongest plea for help.
His plea was that there had been a large increase in the census of the prison, and he marched up a column of figures to prove it.
My plea is that folks that know the truth don't let the temptation of money and power shut them up, from revealing the truth.
In retrospect, my campus performance seems a subconscious plea.
My plea about the medicine gets me through, but his shovel disqualifies him.
Consider this a plea for the faculty reading this to do likewise on the administrative side.
If this is a plea for a little humility in discussion, then it is a useful reminder to all.
The usual conclusion to a case such as this is a plea for mutual understanding, but the brutal reality is something different.
The other cases were dismissed or reduced to misdemeanors in return for a guilty plea.
But a touching handful of the notes came from people who took the plea at face value.
Nelson's plea reveals the political impossibility of meaningful spending cuts.
All the things that have been pushed down must be admitted now, must be the source of whatever plea he is trying to form.
But last week they were released in a sudden, stunning plea-bargain.
The new government also wants approval of a law to protect witnesses and to encourage plea-bargaining.
In essence, they are an opportunity for a defendant to make a plea in mitigation.
On the face of it the act is an eminently reasonable plea not to steal from shareholders.
It is a plea that washes away every crime a criminal could ever commit and come to regret.
The new poems seem to be a kind of plea to accept the shifts and the dignity of life's changes.
It was a plea for sanity as much as a rallying cry for it.
People close to the case say they would not be surprised if he uses what he knows to plea-bargain.
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