plaza in a sentence

Example sentences for plaza

Each settlement is organized around a central plaza and linked to others via precisely placed roads.
He likes to take visitors onto the balcony of the town hall and challenge them to spot a scrap of paper in the plaza.
Studies have shown that automated systems result in major decreases in toll plaza delays and air pollution.
Outside, the trees on the plaza start to fade into twilight.
But the college is going ahead with the plaza anyway.
And the concrete plaza next to the library, which serves to cover a walkway underneath, has major problems with leaking.
Four thematic areas will structure the program: the plaza, the market, the workshop and the field.
It was prohibited to talk about that because was a cause to a public beating in the town plaza.
Upstairs, the ninth-deck bar had also become a town plaza.
But the modernised side has outdoor tables, placed on a plaza full of cranes and new buildings.
Illiterate, they supported themselves by making native sweets which they sold in the plaza.
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