playtime in a sentence

Example sentences for playtime

Playtime has been replaced by lessons with professionals.
Those dogs will tackle any job as long as the reward is playtime when they're done.
The format allowed longer playtime and faster rewinding and fast-forwarding.
They also need breaks, downtime and playtime to integrate what they've learned.
Allow a little playtime while you stop for your own break.
Playtime, a three story-home set on piers at the end of a private walkway to the beach, has seven bedrooms with private baths.
Encourage family playtime with a swim in the campground's pool or spend an afternoon on the playground.
The kids loved their playtime, and when they came back to us they had lots of stories to tell and experiences to share.
After playtime, staff put the toys away so the gym can be used for other activities.
Possible adventure activities include snorkeling, diving and surfing, and playtime doesn't end when the sun sets.
Work was all playtime to them, playtime with gel in their hair.

Famous quotes containing the word playtime

Miracle had its playtime where In damask clothed and on a seat Chryselephantine, cedar-boarded, His majesti... more
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