plaything in a sentence

Example sentences for plaything

We did not know whether to keep it for a plaything or not.
But at that price, the scooter seems doomed to life as a yuppie plaything.
The political convention is almost a plaything of television personalities.
Ah, you say, but surely they can find a less dangerous plaything.
You'd rather be a plaything of a celestial dictator than to be free.
As something of a plaything it is luxurious and extremely well kept.
But she was also the plaything of powerful emotions.
Democracy cannot be a plaything for the capital cities.
The company notes that the watch is not a plaything.
Fire can be dangerous, it is not a toy or a plaything.
Teach them that fire is a useful tool, not a plaything.
They're not a means of human transportation or a plaything.
In spite of their usefulness, grids remained the plaything of researchers for many years.
Her husband treats her as a plaything, albeit he devotedly loves her.

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