playback in a sentence

Example sentences for playback

Speech recognition and speech playback software expand the realizations of text into auditory as well as visual experiences.
The software also organizes your recordings for easy playback.
Translucent playback controls only appear as needed when you mouse over a movie.
Ledger trots his horse over to the playback monitor and pries the helmet from his head.
They didn't have terrific battery life for video playback before, and they do slightly worse with the new files.
Worse, one old blockbuster feature is now nonexistent: macros, the recording and playback of routine steps.
It halted digital video recorder playback in some households and surprised radio listeners in their cars.
Also, there's currently no way to shape stations with ratings, and the service lacks an offline playback mode.
Audio, both with calls and media playback, is loud and crisp.
For better playback, allow the file to download before playing.
In addition, standard playback techniques using stylus or other tactile systems can in themselves cause change.
Clicking directly on the video will toggle video playback on and off.
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