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Until such a technology is discovered if ever new renewable energy technologies can only play a bit part.
Oligomer-linked diseases are relatively common, in part because oligomers can also play an essential biological role in the brain.
She's an unlikely figure to play this part in art history.
Good looks also play a large part in two other new bento books.
It was one of the countless little places in the city that play live music.
Global warming is real and our actions definitely play a significant part in it.
That was a fabulously inventive play.
Readers will likely want to play ball with this team of characters.
And he showed that when success depends on fair play, higher testosterone levels encourage cooperation instead of aggression.
When I was a kid, we played outside with the other kids in the neighborhood with most of our free time.
They travel from town to town and recruit local daredevils to play the game, usually for charity benefits.
How three perfect fantasy rounds might play out.
Extremely unlikely, scientists say, but stress may play a role in a more gradual graying process.
Relax, play, and discover unforgettable beauty in this magical Montana park.
Favre never appeared, and he may never play again for the team.
And the play was eventually published in book form.
It's not much of a game and the play is not particularly interesting.
Of course, the outdoors would be more attractive if play spaces for kids offered a little more challenge.
She loves attention and prefers to play for a crowd.
Please note that comments in the play-by-play were moderated, so don't worry if yours didn't show up.
There's always something new and challenging to keep you entertained ensuring you never run out of games to play.
Play lasted only two hours before a rain delay, but now has resumed.
He was able to play, but his knee may have held him back-and certainly kept him in pain.
The obvious culprit: continued play after repeated head injuries.
Sugars play critical roles in many cellular functions and in disease.
Some features that govern the way water crystallizes play important roles in the spike-formation process.
Crows make tools, play tricks on each other, and caw among kin in a dialect all their own.
From the tiniest shrimp to the biggest whale, all living things play roles in a food chain.
That's exactly what a wild red fox did when she was play-boxing with another fox.
Successful play necessarily requires a degree of selfishness, but across the animal kingdom species have evolved social behaviors.
At noon a village performed a play about a good spirit overcoming a mud-covered demon.
Boys play among roosters and the debris of boxing-gloves, tape, and rubber tires.
Here you can upload pictures, play games, and comment on and rate other members' photography.
Researchers are studying the pandas' play behavior and development.
Second, that businesspeople who play it are all weasels who plot fraudulent deals between shots.
Please play around with it and tell us what you think.
The same people will probably play lots of different kinds of games.
At concerts he would simply play the same note over and over, or stand still in a trance.
People who play video games, for example, have been found to process complex visual information more quickly.
Quite how all these ties will play out is not clear.
Yet there is huge uncertainty about how developed countries will deliver on their promise, including what role the fund will play.
But critics argue that solar energy can never play a central role in such a grey country.
But gas could play a bigger role: there is a third more gas-powered than coal-fired capacity available.
The role they can play in the public capital markets also remains limited.
But the authorities play with the government-bond market at their peril.
In politics they give new problems a chance to come into play.
There are cultural differences in the type and frequency of play.
The roles that spatial patterns and processes play in shaping communities.
The island needs people to play out these roles that must be acted.
But to create that center of gravity, it's a function of how the government, industry and university system want to play.
Now the foundation is trying to identify a college to play host to the center, and to line up more money to support it.
Of late, the government has been trying to play catch-up.
Encourage our scholars to play a more active role beyond the ivy walls confining their narrow disciplines.
When synchronized sound ended the era of silent films, live musicians were no longer hired to play in movie theaters.
With so much personal information now in play, a lot of people are nervous about who owns it and what they'll do with it.
These show that the motive for producing such evidence may come from belief, rather than from any wish to mislead or play pranks.
Rain soon began to play havoc with the new clamps, swelling the iron and cracking the marble.
The substance that made them so valuable to whalers is now understood to play an important role in communication.
And the only thing that grows or develops are the skills with which to play out these ubiquitous battles.
They want to play as long as possible with their stake, and maybe even win.
It was a colored flexi disk of one of the moon landings on a stereo that only existed to play those records.
It wowed me enough upon its launch, and after a week of play, that basic thrill hasn't changed.
Quite the contrary-they are symptoms of our inclination to play it safe.
Apple has to play in the cloud to defend their ecosystem.
With a full roster of fresh fruits in play, summer is a great season for pastry chefs.
The play of acid against richness is totally addictive.
In the old play the degree of rant was the measure of villainy.
Play hockey, for instance, and try to get into shape for the mile run.
The old days in which a manager was willing to put on a play for a few nights were going fast, and with them went our early drama.
Don't worry, though-one of my friends brought over his father for you to play with.
Hey, if it's not there, throw it away and play another day.
The point being that a play doesn't necessarily have an obligation to convey a moral, social, or political message.
When fans booed her for a bad play, she yelled obscenities at them.
The play- ground is a fenced and paved lot be- tween a slum and the river.
But these efforts can frustrate gamers, who protest that the protections restrict legitimate game play.
Unfortunately, the cross-platform play was only possible for one day.
Other parts of the protein may play a purely supportive, structural role, holding the molecule together.
They can answer trivia questions to improve their characters and play card games with other players.
Then they asked both the altruistic and the stingy to play a game, offering payments to the winners.
These cells are also thought to play an important role in chemotherapy resistance and cancer recurrence.
To them, the world is one giant social network in which they can play games or work with anyone, anywhere.
It can tune in to a radio signal and play the audio through an external speaker.
That's why it's so difficult to preserve, to observe and ultimately so difficult for physicists to play with.
When these factors come into play, the balance of power depends on the distribution of leaders.
It will allow users to play games by gesturing, without the need for a controller or additional equipment.
In contrast, implicit memory might only come into play when external stimuli trigger concepts.
Commodities markets, which set prices on the basis of group knowledge, play a growing role in everyday business decisions.
He wanted the clips to continue to work-links should function and video should play.
The trouble is putting it into practice: process algebra is not an easy toy to play with.
Woods disguised as woods alive without end, and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.
Soon he was teaching himself to play the piano, playing the tunes that came to him unbidden at all moments.
We need to play back the tapes to refresh our memory of what seems consigned to instant oblivion even as it unfolds.
But the subprime crisis came to play a different role: it served as the culmination or reversal point of the super-bubble.
We try to advance our own idea, each of us, by recruiting other people to play a role in it.
He found that among different games, computers had achieved varying standards of play.
Insurance companies and even the stock market play a role too.
And these surplus codons provide enough wiggle room for geneticists to play around with.
He employs molecular gastronomy to play with temperature, texture, and taste.
As people play video games, their visual-spatial acuity improves and their reaction times are faster.
It's the prefrontal cortex that brings those emotions into play and guides us in our behavior.
Small incentives can have a large impact on behavior if they are immediate, because they play on present bias preferences.
But you never know until you play the game, so it is good to confirm.
But in the vast majority of cases, the play is written before the director gets attached.

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