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And yet there is a plausible path to success.
The novelist consulted a cousin, a mathematician, to make the action plausible.
Finally, as a class, discuss the ethics of plausible deniability.
The idea of making market forces work to bring down health-care and health-insurance costs is plausible.
I've got this completely over-the-top premise, which is not in any way plausible in itself.
Anything is plausible in one or another of these short stories.
Funny how what seemed laughable then sounds entirely plausible now.
There seem to be only two plausible explanations.
Readers will enjoy the sheer exuberance of this all too plausible caper.
The explanation was plausible, even elegant, but untested.
While plausible, these explanations are not satisfactory.
But they have failed to find a plausible explanation for its existence.
Its all designed to provide the operations with cover and plausible deniability.
How much of it is history and how much is clear and plausible as solid dramatic continuity is something else again.
Together the two studies indicate a plausible new scenario for what causes the disorder.
Yes, his works are clearly written and plausible, as all good fiction must be clearly written and plausible.
While this may not be a popular view it s a more plausible scientific approach to the problem.
The theory seems plausible for platypuses, which are amphibious creatures.
The only plausible explanation for this is that instead of gradually slowing down, the expansion of the universe is speeding up.
Without studying it one has to take it on faith but it does sound plausible.
These researchers have made the dark stuff theory more plausible.
There are as many plausible answers to this month's question as there are academics to offer a response.
One plausible place to look, though, might be to standardized tests.
The plausible alternative explanations for the differences in results are numerous.
Less glamorous than critique, perhaps, they provide the foundation on which any plausible critical interpretation stands.
One plausible hypothesis has to do with peer effects.
Once you have a plausible offer, you have to find out whether it is worth accepting.
It really did seem plausible that cultural studies could be the start of something big.
Of course, plausible deniability leads to them accusing us of being thin-skinned or unable to take a joke.
It seems to me that both measurement columns are equally plausible.
But the idea that increased access could equal increased sales seems especially plausible for academic works with narrow markets.
It's contestable, but the account is quite detailed and certainly plausible.
No plausible counter argument is possible without this background.
You'll probably be asked and need to have a good, plausible reason ready.
Standard historical fiction tends to consist of plausible stories that have been grafted onto enduring historical facts.
So there is a plausible argument that it shouldn't apply to a debt-questioning law a century and a half later.
But each accusation has come with an entirely plausible defense.
These readers' memories permit me to make the temporal setting of my book plausible at a primary level of impulse.
The oddest things can be made to seem plausible if you insist they are.
Our goal is to pin down the corners of the plausible futures.
Pile a sharp tightening in credit conditions on top and recession seems all too plausible.
It is a plausible biography-given the necessary addition of animal spirits-but an imaginary one.
For every problem, there is a simple solution: neat, plausible and wrong.
Utilitarianism provides a plausible framework for deciding who should get trampled.
As recently as a few months ago, it seemed quite plausible.
The cancer-stem-cell theory, though plausible, was based on animal experiments and its relevance to humans was untested.
Nor is it plausible to say that bond yields are rising because investors have become less risk-averse.
So more spectacular increases seem all too plausible.
Unsurprisingly, there is no plausible candidate: on the whole, people do learn from their mistakes.
There are no strong prior reasons to favor the particular treatment over plausible alternatives.
But it is a perfectly plausible description of the future of crime-fighting.
At first glance, the idea that there is a cartel in this business looks plausible.
Their ideas are technologically plausible and quite cheap.
Characters are now conceived as if the whole point of literature were to create plausible likenesses of the folks next door.
To me, the strange thing is that this sounds possible, even plausible.
But the plot of a new, deadly virus spreading quickly is quite plausible.
That's a plausible conjecture, but hardly a certainty.
Well, the message below is no more plausible in its literary construction.
Take away your bias against the religion you supposedly follow and see that there are two plausible theories out there.
However, the third stage thrust termination sounds plausible too.
We did not detect any plausible gravitational-wave candidates.
Doing so without direct neural interfaces, however, seems less plausible.
The feedbacks themselves, whilst plausible, do not have a wealth of evidence supporting them.
Whilst what you say is plausible, it runs strongly against our current understanding and evidence, in a number of ways.
There are many plausible models, and combinations of models.
None of us would argue that this data is perfect, and the corrections are often plausible.
For one thing, they now have a plausible story for how insect flight evolved.
On the surface, it seems plausible to make a connection about the size of an organism and cancer rates.
There exist two other highly plausible explanations.
Another maxim, more plausible but equally pernicious, is that superficial knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all.
There is always an easy solution to every human problem-neat, plausible, and wrong.
In fairness to the airlines, there are some plausible reasons for adopting weight restrictions for carry-on bags.
At first glance, it might seem a lot more plausible to model your life on a politician.
It certainly seems plausible that this would make interacting via a robot a smoother experience.
It's about tough tradeoffs between what was politically possible, operationally plausible, and substantively wise.
There are two plausible answers, both of them frightening.
Since then many theories, not all of them mutually exclusive and some more plausible than others, have been propounded.
The historians attempt to arrange elliptical records from a mythicized past into a plausible story.
But what is economically plausible appears to be politically unacceptable.
It would have to be someone who looks plausible in a beard or totally implausible.
There is no plausible explanation that can be sold or spun.
There is a plausible rationale for privatization-one that often makes sense in the short run and for specific tasks.
What is absent from the government's report is any remotely plausible sign of humanity.
But to bishops and monsignors an ocean away, the plan would seem more plausible.
Its debts are huge and could not be paid under any plausible scenario.
Nor does she have the skill to trace a plausible course from the human to the beastly.
No body to mourn, no martyrs raised, and of course the ever-useful plausible deniability.
Determine if self-ignited cable fires are plausible.
The sticker is plausible because the church is presumably an important and popular part of the community.
The challenger has to look good and plausible by the time the election rolls around.

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