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Example sentences for plausibility

Here is a final hypothesis, an admittedly complex one but also my favorite, for reasons that go beyond scientific plausibility.
But a number of specific themes have punctuated their discourse, lending it an incipient plausibility and coherence.
The plausibility of this system being useful in other clerkship has yet to be determined.
But the introduction of dark energy and runaway expansion actually take away from the plausibility of the big bang.
In the writer's opinion that answer has lost nothing of its plausibility.
The charge had a surface plausibility, because of the two athletes' records.
Plausibility, as they say in the espionage business, was good.
Though few yet were known to the authorities, the details added plausibility to the story.
Lately, of course, such a worldview has acquired a new plausibility.
These prescriptions have the advantage of political plausibility.
By the time we've finished affirming the figure's plausibility, it has become ours, and we'll fight to defend it.
There is a germ of truth in all that, of course, enough to lend it plausibility.
Virtually any lawyer would have done as he did, he said, with unfortunate plausibility.
Lacking evidence, one can only resort to appeals to plausibility.
She means what she says, and the fact that the idea comes from her lends plausibility to it in a special way.
He does not rely on the persuasiveness and plausibility of narrative.
But where the novel really scores is in its fundamental plausibility.
Many questioned the plausibility of those denials, and so suspicion has dogged him ever since.
One observation and one thought experiment suggest its plausibility.
It is a heady prospect, and has a colour of plausibility about it.
We came across some interesting industry statistics that shed light on plausibility.
Both these strategies have a colour of plausibility.
The plausibility police will be hauling out their billy clubs and riot gear for this one.
Space artists have obliged with illustrations that attempt to balance drama with plausibility, but their task is not easy.
But plausibility does not necessarily mean that that is the real matter of affairs.
The details of historical plausibility aren't really that critical, they're icing on the cake.
He has some, um, strong opinions about the plausibility of possible solutions.
The engineering group isn't the first to evaluate the plausibility of different geoengineering schemes.
Graphs are such useful tools, but you'd think that they would try harder to achieve some level of plausibility.
It is a film which is strong on action and weak on plausibility.
But he didn't attach these potent vignettes to a story with any narrative or emotional plausibility.
To say it works out with complete plausibility is to overstate it.
The lack of vitality and even surface plausibility numbs the senses.
Still, caulking those holes wouldn't help its stars bring emotional plausibility to their roles.
Plausibility isn't the biggest challenge for the comic-book-movie fan base.
Over and over, the movie smashes into the wall of plausibility it's trying to run through.
It may be that his principal accomplishment has been to restore the prestige and plausibility of his office.

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