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These rods are made of copper, and are platinum-tipped and gold-plated.
We have a picture of her wearing it in a platinum choker.
The floater is made of thin sheet copper, and is suspended by a fine platinum wire.
The idea is that all of the platinum-level technology could be added to the other building at some point in the future.
He was pale pink, with poker-straight reddish-brown hair that later grew into platinum-blonde curls.
Not a platinum member, perhaps, but a member nonetheless.
Suddenly these megawatt music efforts stopped achieving multi-platinum success.
Her long hair hung in a heavy platinum sheet to the stage floor, which had been dirtied by her sisters' feet.
The new fuel cell uses a unique arrangement of two graphite discs, each containing special enzymes and connected by platinum wire.
Hydrogen travels across the membranes, which contain platinum, and reacts with oxygen to create electricity.
Traces of gold, platinum, and copper have been found scattered around the continent.
Platinum is a must have if you are going to burn a bunch of points and want unlimited changes.
We're seeing a lot of people who used to have gold or platinum buying value now.
To some, it means mining the moon for helium or platinum.
The gold or platinum that would be obtained by such processes would be radioactive and expensive even at today's prices.
Some minerals are also beginning to do better again, notably gold and platinum.
Granted, values for platinum look promising in some ways.
Likewise, a few big groups produce all of the world's platinum.
The miners' industrial action will halt production in a country that is one of the world's biggest suppliers of gold and platinum.
Platinum, one of the world's more expensive metals, has been the bane of fuel-cell makers.
The bad news is that this highly efficient system requires an expensive, platinum-based cathode.
The delicate tracery of a rose-window, in diamonds and platinum, on a field of deepest blue enamel.
But read no further if you need to believe in unicorns and platinum rainbows.
Framed album covers and records of platinum and gold line the walls.
Much work lies ahead, including finding a metal cheaper than the platinum to convert hydrogen molecules into hydrogen gas.
They are orders of magnitude more abundant than the really rare gold and platinum, say.
The platinum in cis-platinum, for example, readily receives electrons from ammonia and chloride.
Then they tapped an azide molecule with the microscope's platinum-coated tip.
Much of a cochlear implant is made of platinum, a dense element that plays havoc with scans.
Again, that interesting metal platinum makes an appearance.
If they have to move to iron-platinum to achieve thermal stability then one wonders if they lose cheapness.
The material could replace platinum in hydrogen vehicles.
There's no shortage estimates that we'll run out of everything from iron to platinum within the next century or so.
At another electrode, this one coated with a platinum catalyst, hydrogen ions form hydrogen gas.
Cerium usually plays a supporting role to platinum, which is a more active catalyst but also more expensive.
Its high cost comes mainly from the platinum and ruthenium used as catalysts.
The metal is coated with a platinum catalyst and placed in a device that allows methanol to be drawn along the surface.
The company also uses reclaimed gold and platinum, carefully re-refined to be as shimmery as ever.
Their framed gold and platinum records are on the walls.
Her dyed platinum-blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail.
And you can wear gold with a platinum wedding band and/or engagement ring.
There would be a range of plans offered in the exchanges: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.
Platinum usually is mixed with similar metals or non-precious base metals.
Clearly your platinum ring has had ferrous material added to it.

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