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North on a high plateau the warmer climate does us good.
Neighborhood boosters had long complained that the high plateau was inaccessible from surrounding areas.
The desert plateau on which they stand was once isolated.
And a plateau in the obesity rate would make some kind of reform a bit less expensive.
You reach a plateau and then you realize there's another steep curve coming.
Here again there is a rapid decline and subsequent plateau.
The white road below us led around and behind the opposite plateau.
Digital sales, on a steady growth streak since 2004, have hit a plateau.
As lottery revenues plateau and budget pictures worsen, students may see some state merit scholarships become less generous.
Instead, they're the broken and weathered remnants of a peninsular plateau.
There will come a time when you plateau as a candidate.
You're going to see attendance plateau a bit, but it's still the number one date destination.
As he sees it, personal computers have reached a plateau.
For the past couple of them, my performance in the operating room has reached a plateau.
The growth of netbooks is likely beginning to plateau.
But in the rugged western corner of the plateau, the story is different, according to a new study.
It's also consistent with the global temperature reaching a plateau.
If prices shoot up now and then plateau, that's bad.
We are rapidly reaching a point of technological plateau.
Instead it is simply our population would finally descend to some manageable plateau.
Now, one reason for this plateau may be the lag in bringing new supply online.
Such an achievement could suggest some new plateau has been reached in human control of life and evolution.
They are still in the nests they built the previous night, in trees at the edge of an open plateau.
The plateau experiences hot summers and cold winters-it is cooler and wetter to the north.

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