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Drop glops onto a baking sheet or plate lined with wax paper and allow to cool.
At the table, each guest is served or helps himself to both fish and soup, placing them in a large soup plate.
On the plate they had served him were pork and beef croquettes and stew.
Transfer to a plate and loosely cover with foil to keep warm.
Add beef, turning to coat, then shake off excess and transfer to a plate.
Illustrated with fifty-two pages of photographs, thirty drawings and one color plate.
Officers dispatched to a report of an unwanted guest sleeping face down in a plate of food.
With a testing year ahead, world leaders must step up to the plate.
Here, the molding creates and unexpected plate rail for display, as well.
She ate two big soup bowls full of stew and an entire dinner plate of rice.
When the leading edge of a heavy plate meets the edge of a lighter plate, the heavier plate bends downward.
Don't keep a hot plate inches away from a large stack of papers.
To make it foam, draught stout is forced through a special plate.
Sprinkle seeds onto a plate and allow them to dry for one to three days, depending on the weather.
Then see if you are still burning to add philosophy to your plate.
Sometimes an ocean plate bumps into a continental, or land, plate.
How fast these bones move toward home plate then determines the release velocity of the baseball.
Stack the rolled pieces on a plate as you complete the process.
Throw them on a plate or in a bowl and spend more time relaxing than preparing your food.
First, there is a plate which screws on to the body of your camera via the tripod socket.
The problem is knowing precisely where the fish on the plate came from.
The melting of the rock occurs at the subduction zones as one plate is pushed under the other.
If you want meat on the plate then something has to die.
He pulls open the door and slides in a plate with fish and tofu.
Wallow in memories of the ditto machine and armor plate.
It's never easy but there is so much on your plate at the moment.
Animals have come up with some pretty clever tricks for keeping themselves off a predator's dinner plate.
He ignored distinctions of race or caste, and was happy to eat rice from an aluminium plate in the house of an untouchable.
The new measurement technique may also help address many longstanding puzzles in plate tectonics.
Use a smaller plate to help you take smaller portions of food at mealtimes.
In between come explanations of geology and plate tectonics.
Indeed it's a bronze disk, and it's the size of a large dinner plate.
Mountains and valleys emerge and disappear due to plate tectonics.
The photo above shows the bike with the battery removed but the battery plate in place.
Then he stuck them on an iron plate using a mixture of ash, resin and wax, and held them in place with an iron frame.
Let the seeds cool, then transfer them to a plate lined with paper towels to soak up the extra oil.
The key thing is the size of the sensor, not the millions of pixels on your plate.
Volcanic activity is closely linked with plate tectonics.
And the underwriters could have stepped up to the plate.
They have a whole boiler plate list of things not covered.
Add more color to the plate with the veggies on the side.
The metal of the flatbed shows a long wash of blood, and trickles of blood streak the license plate.
He had a metal plate in his head from falling down some cement steps.
Loved your brothers, rarely tattled, cleaned your plate.
For instance, at dinner, no one finished their plate.
Half your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables.
Garnish with parsley, and drizzle some olive oil around the plate.
In actual practice, the battery pack and plate are a single unit removed and installed from above.
At the touch of a button, the robot's silvery jointed arm reared back and then moved steadily toward home plate.
Serving dinner on a heart-shaped plate, on a heart-shaped table covered with a heart-shaped tablecloth: romantic.
The head-plate, or portion overhanging the concavity, overlaps the head-plate of the outer rod.
At the end of the course the used plate is removed, leaving the place plate.
Each guest in taking her plate helps herself to toast and jam and a knife and carries her plate over to her own little table.
In addition to these there is a secondary center for a thin epiphysial plate on the under surface of the body of the bone.
The articular surface of each bone is covered with a thin plate of cartilage, thicker on the sacrum than on the ilium.
If a plate of food is given to them, they hold it upside down.
When faced with a bigger plate, people are inclined to heap on-and consume-more food.
When the slots are not aligned, the local electric field reaches the upper plate and drives some of its free charge into ground.
Climate, volcanism, plate tectonics all played a key role in regulating the oxygen level during various time periods.
To figure out how far away our dinner plate is our brain melds the slightly different images coming from our two eyes.
For the ball humidity tests, they started indoors with simple ball drops for the flat plate testing.
She has been known to lick it off a plate full of cupcakes.
Put a small nuke at the bottom in a put a thick steel plate underneath an automated payload capsule.
At the plate boundaries, the crust bends until the strain becomes too great.
Take all the data or none, science ain't a buffet, you have to eat everything on the plate.
Plate tectonics was considered ridiculous by the entire scientific community.
PIs have too much on their plate and are too removed from the bench to do this and it would be quite valuable.
With all these people throwing their spare won into the collection plate, mega-churches have become big businesses.
Of course, they say that about a lot of things on his plate.
The police department has installed an extensive camera system, licence-plate readers and air monitors.
The plan involves an extensive network of cameras, licence-plate readers and weapon-detectors.
The impact may even have triggered plate-tectonic activity, which causes the continents to move around.
Glaciers are tiny and transient on the tectonic-plate scale.
Being heavily impregnated with oil, patching it up by welding a plate in place was impossible.
But if you have a plate on the bone here and it gets infected, that can be real trouble.
Carter tore his bag along the seams and placed it on his tray table as a kind of plate.
She could eat a plate of ribs and two hours later be craving pork rinds or red-velvet cake.
The odd plate of crispy fried wings has indeed advanced the cause of science a time or two.
As her plate rattles, a smile spreads across her face.
We've seen their dinner-plate-size paw prints in the snow.
The government is serving up healthy eating advice with an image of a plate.
The contract includes bonuses for plate appearances and days spent on the active roster.
Season the chunks on all sides with salt and pepper, then arrange them on a microwave-safe plate.
To understand this, you need to know about plate tectonics.
Ask them to think about how these plate movements affect the climate in various places over millions of years.
Something different happens when an ocean plate collides with a continental plate.
Instead of rising up, the heavier ocean plate takes a dive.
These awe-inspiring waves are typically caused by large, undersea earthquakes at tectonic plate boundaries.
Remove to a fresh plate or shallow pan, skin-side down.
The dinosaur skulls, which ranged from dinner plate-size to human-size, came from a range of animals.
To increase difficulty, hold a dumbbell or free-weight plate.
These plate-size organs allow a squid to see dim outlines of other animals.
Small profile plate fits all compact digital cameras.
Place the fries on top of a mound of cheese curds on a serving plate.
Cook a pot of linguine, drain it, and turn it out onto a plate.
Traditional solar cells are usually arranged in a flat metal plate interlaced with conductive wires.
Then, with an ax, he chopped at the flat plate of face bone.
The lower part of one of her back legs and her neck had been eaten, and a plate of skin was missing from her belly.
Quickly turn the ramekin upside down on the center of the plate, and allow the cake to release from within.
The insect is attached to a clear plate, so that its flight pattern can be better observed.
As the plate moves, the other bead is held in place by a focused laser, known as an optical tweezer.
Pores are etched into the plate by treating it with acid and applying a voltage.
But the limits of conventional flat plate silicon based solar cells are in sight.
When voltage is applied, an electric charge builds up on each plate.
They go on and on, expanding onto the plate as if they were alien.
Sometimes it sets the alarms off, but the shoulder plate has much more metal in it.
Innumerable blood vessels line the skin covering the plate.
Imagine the ribs of a reptile broadening and fusing to become the bony back-plate of a tortoise.
Plate tectonics, changes in climate and natural disaster have all affected species development.
Tear up the marshmallows and place around the plate with candied pecans.
If they don't eat the vegetables on the plate, put it out the next day as a soup.
Although there was little food to share, meat was always heaped onto my section of the communal plate.
For a pitcher, it's the strike zone over home plate that suddenly begins to jump around.
With no moisture, the ground is a virtual hot plate, adding to the misery.
Slide cake off bottom of pan and transfer to a serving plate.
The base plate is the threaded component of the oil filter.
It records the violation and snaps a photo of the license plate, often without the driver's knowledge.
Many of those small districts can't offer a full plate of specialized courses in science, art or languages.
The only change to the rear is a new red reflector below the license plate.

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