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Growth exhibits a broad range of plasticity in the absence of natural selection.
And this he does with a fine achievement of pictorial plasticity and power.
Plasticity in neural processes is a feature of brains.
The story of reading's development is a complex tale of equal parts human invention and neural plasticity.
The rigidity of human reason was no match for the plasticity of microbes.
The experiment revealed unexpected plasticity in the mammalian brain.
These qualities give it a remarkable plasticity but prevent it from being thrown on a pottery wheel.
Homeostatic plasticity drives tinnitus perception in an animal model.
The plasticity of the brain provides life-course opportunities for resilience and enhanced mental health.
But the existence of neural plasticity does not mean the brain is a blob of clay pounded into shape by experience.
Candidates focusing on neurobiology, especially those interested in development and plasticity, are encouraged to apply.
Normally that plasticity peaks in the first several months of life, but at different times for different skills.
What truly great animal trainers do is create not behavior but plasticity and responsiveness.
We forget about the plasticity of the brain and behaviors, and the interaction of brain and experience.
My elderly parents might be used as an example for how to maintain brain plasticity well into an advanced age.
But plasticity in certain areas of the brain only goes so far.
The smallness of the wire that carries the current adds to the freedom and plasticity of artistic treatment.
Thanks to our brain's plasticity, the adaptation occurs also at a biological level.
The brain's plasticity-its ability to change in response to stimuli from the environment-is well known.
Exercising your brain: a review of human brain plasticity and training-induced learning.
Thus, understanding the neuronal properties constraining this plasticity is important for the development of new treatments.
Reflecting her talent for giving poetic form to mundane materials, the design seized on the plasticity of concrete.
Vision researchers are counting on the incredible plasticity demonstrated by the brain in response to the cochlear implant.
Vocabulary acquisition for instance, shows lifelong plasticity.
Study suggests antidepressants reduce fear in adult mice by increasing synaptic plasticity.
In behavior, there is the added complexity of nervous system plasticity.
Scientists are searching for ways to both boost and focus this innate plasticity, thus improving neural repair.
Now, he says, it appears that the brain exhibits a surprising amount of plasticity throughout life.
He's interested in the plasticity of behavior and the neural basis for different types of behavior.

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