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Example sentences for plaque

In fact, the team left a commemorative plaque requesting that the site be left undisturbed as a memorial to the dead.
Both approaches are designed to blast away brain plaque.
The plaque indicated the tree was a native of Chile.
Of solid cast bronze and hand-rubbed cherry, this truly quality plaque will be an enduring reminder to him of his year in office.
Your plaque can be decorated to suit your own tastes.
Sometimes it kills the bacterium responsible for dental plaque.
If you do a sloppy job of brushing after you eat, harmful germs flock to food residues and form deposits called plaque.
The icehouse remained in use until 1923, says a wall plaque.
Emboli formed by atherosclerotic plaque can also block arteries.
The chart at the left is full size for use on the plaque.
Every key point will have a plaque denoting its significance.
She showed us a notebook of about a hundred different plaque designs she weaves.
But there's no roadside attraction here, no plaque, no visitors.
Partly as a consequence of this, the plaque theory is waning.
Evidence from autopsied brains of some of those who died also indicated reduced plaque formation.
And scientists have removed existing plaques in mice by applying anti-plaque antibodies directly to the animals' brains.
They will erect a precautionary monument to you with a plaque that reads: my great-grandpa did this to us.
Over the course of years and decades, plaque buildup narrows your arteries and makes them stiffer.
If this plaque is not removed thoroughly each day, tooth decay will flourish.
Flossing teeth twice a day can prevent plaque from building up.
It uses a rubber cup with an abrasive paste to remove plaque and stains on the crown portion of the tooth.
The city is not known to be rising, but the plaque has dropped.
Candles were lit and placed around the base of the iron plaque at the base of the monument.
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