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Any amateur gardener knows plants need two things to survive: sunlight and water.
Global warming will disrupt the release of chemicals that plants use to communicate.
And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads-all became part of him.
In cold climates, plants will die off in winter but can be planted again in spring.
One way to protect tomatoes against this disease is to erect plastic-covered shelters over plants.
Use these versatile plants for drama in pots and sunny gardens.
Simple project to protect tender plants in winter.
Many other plants, however, are best raised from seed sown in containers.
These zone descriptions will guide you in choosing the right plants for your garden.
Starting crops from seed is a satisfying and economical way to grow your own plants, flowers, and veggies.
Nuclear plants are expensive: each can cost several billion dollars to build.
Developing countries have continued to build nuclear plants apace.
In court filings, the plants' operators had denied they were to blame for the illnesses.
The best defense against the creepy, crawly, jumping team of vegetable destroyers plants begins with your own two hands.
There is an orchard nearby and there are plants, not overly tended by perfecting human hands and gone to seed.
They may finally make solar a viable alternative to coal and gas plants.
The outer membrane is photosynthetic, and large groups of the plants grow in the sunny clearings left by forest fires.
For example, pollinating all of the flowering plants.
Most drinking water there came from distant mountain snows, as did the water that irrigates plants.
As coal-burning power plants have reduced their air emissions, many have created another problem: water pollution.
Southern food once owed much of its variety and agricultural vigor to wild plants.
Coal plants, meanwhile, produce almost twice the volume of greenhouse gases as natural-gas plants per unit of energy generated.
Then she continued along a row of artichoke plants, her head bowed, always at that dramatic pace.
Towering bamboo plants block any glimpse of what lies up above.
He has also fought against nuclear power plants and the risk that they pose.
Much of his early work centered on atomic energy, and he opposed both nuclear and coal-fired plants.
We wove between the plants to the back wall, which was engraved with names.
Basically, you eat plants: you are a rabbit with a skillet.
The plants and animals that dwell there today are descended from castaways that arrived by sea or air.
But its function in wild chili plants has been mysterious.
Even the butterfly pavilion has some interesting information about co-evolution between insects and plants.
Today, well-insulated animals and stubbly plants can survive the continent's brutal.
She showed me her rooftop garden of herbs and medicinal plants.
Carnivorous plants chomp down on insects in unusual ways.
People need plants for food, clothing, and medicine.
All over the world, animals and plants that evolved somewhere else are turning up where they're not wanted.
Follow these easy directions to grow your own plants from a packet of seeds.
For example, instead of draining your fish tank into your sink, take the water and apply it to plants in your garden.
Animals and plants seem to be prospering near the infamous nuclear reactor.
Life was born as a result of water, from plants to animals to humans.
Other plants, such as cacti, have special means of storing and conserving water.
But even small changes in temperature or precipitation could drastically impact plants and animals living in the desert.
And they deliver electricity more cheaply than gas or coal plants.
Plants grow using the hydrogen part of the water molecule.
Their coal plants are largely without scrubbers, although they're now starting to install these.
The biggest culprit is the burning of fossil fuels by coal-burning power plants, factories, and automobiles.
Nearby are gaping pits where coal was mined for generations to feed power plants and factories.
By absorbing sunlight, the floating plants help keep the ocean surface relatively warm.
Tundra plants have developed adaptations that help them thrive in this harsh climate.
Coffee is one of several plants that produces caffeine.
Today other invasive plants, among them bamboo and mangrove, also threaten the island.
The earthworms excrete a slightly different version of the metals, making them easier for plants to suck up.
Below are eleven boxes containing icons that represent plants, animals, and other major categories of living things.
Plants as large as trees could grow greenhouses big enough for human beings to live in.
It plans to build three times as many nuclear power plants in the next decade as the rest of the world combined.
Bred for short stalks, plants expend less energy on growing inedible column sections and more on growing valuable grain.
More demand led to more power plants, built with little heed to pollution or performance.
Others believe that gerontology has something to do with the study of plants or insects.
Listeria do tend to lurk in wet crevices of packing plants.
It's bled nine-digits worth of cash and it will need a lot more to complete building its crude-replacement creating plants.
Where rocks sing, ants swim, and plants eat animals.
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves-they can cry for help.
For centuries, farmers have been genetically modifying their plants without even knowing it.
The mollusks and menhaden were the bay's filters, cleaning its waters of microscopic plants called phytoplankton.
Birds and bats then spread the seeds and pollen of these remarkable plants.
It contained two specimens of a curious insect she had collected on her tomato plants.
The sharpshooter uses a needlelike mouthpart to suck fluids from trees and plants.
Genetically engineering plants is a time-intensive process.
Self-contained power plants could supply growing energy demand in poor countries.
Forecasters see no need for new coal and nuclear power plants.
Solar thermal plants, by contrast, are already being built with thermal storage.
Crystals could capture greenhouse gases released by power plants.
There's also an effort to pair solar concentrators with coal fired power plants.
These plants rely on relatively rare geologic formations.
The first commercial cellulosic ethanol plants could also start operation this year.
Some of the main issues with it are the high capital cost for plants, and low yields.
Investors are reluctant to provide capital for battery plants because the markets are still relatively small.
There's certainly evidence that bacteria, plants and even kidney cells communicate in this way.
Most wave energy plants that intend to supply power to mainland use the existing electric grid for storage.
Many natural peptides defend against microbes in animals and plants.
It plans to engineer microbes to incorporate gene pathways that other microbes, plants, and even animals use to store energy.
It turns out that you don't actually need big power plants to run a big economy.
Still another degree is certain because of energy infrastructure already in place, such as power plants and vehicles on the road.
People who had always talked to their plants abruptly.
But it too has its share of mattresses, surrounded by fake tropical plants and a life-size stuffed lion.
The bees collect nectar from plants in their mouths, which mixes with enzymes in their saliva that turns it into honey.
The display of leafless bonsai trees shows of the plants' branch structure.
Miller produces a range of organic plant stands that look more alive than the plants they are holding.
And they count on their concierge for everything from receiving deliveries to watering their plants while they're out of town.
Often they'll find these wild plants in their backyards, literally.

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