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It's heavy, so build the planter in sections that can be screwed together on-site.
Edged with concrete, the raised patio and its planter-retaining wall level the yard and make it more livable.
Even more fancifully, the embroidery expands for philosophical utterances on the part of the gentle planter.
The small farmer in his log cabin, raising varied crops, was displaced by the planter raising cotton.
As a result, the region also gave rise to a planter aristocracy.
Less than smooth operation of planter chains decreases seeding.
For situations where you can't have a full-size rain garden, consider a mini-rain garden in a planter.
The best success with planting is achieved with a corn planter.
Incorporate a planter guard or low planter wall as part of the architecture.
It was during this period that the definition of a plantation owner or planter changed.
The bronze statues are paired, each pair flanking one of the eight large planter statues.
More pressure from the planter can mean more smearing.

Famous quotes containing the word planter

Men are born to write. The gardener saves every slip, and seed, and peach-stone: his vocation is to be a plantermore
The planter, who is Man sent out into the field to gather food, is seldom cheered by any idea of the true d... more
We have now become pretty well acquainted with the sugar-growing part of Texas. The life of a planter who h... more
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