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IF you think planning a business trip is stressful, try organizing one for thousands of people.
It's easy to switch into automatic pilot mode when it comes to planning a course.
Hand out a letter to the students requesting their help in planning a new town.
We stood around the body planning our autopsy strategy.
People lose their capacity to perform simple, everyday tasks and show impairments in intellectual abilities such as planning.
Bird watching is growing in popularity, and more and more folks are planning getaways around this hobby.
Double the recipe for the mint syrup if you're planning to make more than one batch of these refreshing summer drinks.
Planning for an emergency once you have kids in the home is absolutely crucial.
Thoughtful planning preserved the pre-recession budgets of all academic departments.
Traveling by yourself on a guided tour requires planning.
They are planning on mining the algae for oil afterward and cubing the dried algae up for animal food as well.
Whether you're planning a day-trip or a weekend vacation, find great ideas for exploring the park.
Dig a hole as deep as the one you're planning to put the tree in and fill it with water.
If you think planning a business trip is stressful, try organizing one for thousands of people.
Participates in college and district governance and strategic planning.
If they aren't interesting, they won't win planning permission.
Knowing the jargon of tour operators will help in planning your trip.
Don't forget to check out a festival map when planning your day's events at the festival.
No wonder retirement planning is getting more complex.
Such planning should include the good, the bad and the ugly.
If you are planning a trip, please consider an eco-tour to appreciate wild birds in their natural habitats.
Establishing a new lawn takes advance planning and work.
We want to be the place you go when you are planning a trip, buying a new suit, getting a haircut.
The commission proposes to relax planning constraints on big new stores.
The couple decided to remodel the shed, and it became an exercise in preservation and space planning.
The project leader should be involved in all aspects of planning and producing the procedures manual.
To prepare for your adventure, you'll need to do some planning.
And they must juggle their planning with other academic responsibilities.
Short-term extensions create uncertainty about federal funding and make local transport planning difficult.
It's that time of the year when romance is in the air and people everywhere are planning where and when to plant the perfect kiss.
However, brutal honesty is better during situations such as emergency response and planning.
But, before you proceed consider these planning checklists for the best return on your dollars and your dreams.
City planning also took on new ideas, and developers began thinking in terms of convenience for apartment dwellers.
If you're planning a visit in summer, lazily catch the views from a rafting trip.
Months of planning and anticipation have finally winnowed to days.
But unless you are planning on munching acorns as you pedal, you are well advised to bring some snacks for the road.
The project became an exercise in preservation and space planning.
Plant trees and incorporate the care of city green spaces as a key element in urban planning.
Most governments are already planning increases in the retirement age.
When planning your trip, my advice is to stop planning.
My understanding is that you are not planning to harvest the chickens for meat, only their eggs.
If you're planning ahead for your spring garden, it's easy to grow seeds in pots.
The scrumptious recipes at the end of the book will get you pumped up and planning your new egg-centric diet for weeks to come.
Planning a menu in advance of planting the menu puts the cart before the horse.
They were planning to investigate reports of an uprising among local tribes.
If you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, you might consider a different method.
Emergency planning, in various forms, has been around for decades.
Both skills have one thing in common: the need for complex problem solving and planning.
Local officials are already planning infrastructure with climate change in mind.
The cells were located in the cortex, the brain region that controls attention and planning in humans and other mammals.
Because planning these functions is generally left to governments, the planning is generally poor.
Experts say careful planning of developments, homes and buildings can alleviate nearly all the contamination from urban runoff.
In one group, the tasks focused on reasoning, planning and problem-solving abilities--skills correlated with general intelligence.
Thus far, it's not as much of a puzzle game as it is about quick reflexes and planning.
The study of living things may shed light on urban planning.
Disasters are about people and planning, not nature's pomp returned.
Also being considered are environmental requirements for companies planning to list their shares publicly, and a tax on polluters.
Planning was a matter of wishful thinking, if not outright fantasy.
It is even planning a new airport that could triple the number of visitors to the archipelago.
Gays are the philosopher's stone of urban planning-the secret ingredient that turns dereliction into gold.
In the coming years science is likely to create many novel drugs that boost memory, concentration and planning.
The authors argue that change is both faster and less predictable than before, making traditional top-down planning trickier.
Commercial interests are planning their own space shipping and transport services.
The margin of those planning to cut jobs over those planning to add them grew.
But the formulas used to allocate the money shape infrastructure planning in a remarkably block-headed manner.
Critics argue that the government's hand-to-mouth policymaking is self-defeating, and illustrates its general lack of planning.
Urban planning and innovation could also usefully be measured.
There is a two-day career-planning seminar in the first-year fall semester.
Many said they took them to enhance memory, problem-solving, and planning.
We collaborate closely in curriculum planning, on committees, and sometimes on research projects.
Both presidents overestimated the value of government planning.
It doesn't really advance, which means that planning for future action is meaningless.
First he said that he'd already published a lot of financial information and wasn't planning on releasing his taxes.
Surviving militants are forced to operate far more cautiously, which diverts their energy from planning new attacks.
But if several big firms fail simultaneously, then all the planning in the world might not help.
Replace these things with a traditional town-planning ordinance that prescribes a more desirable everyday environment.
The first was that, outward appearances notwithstanding, the campaign prepared a clear strategy and did considerable planning.
Planning even a year or two ahead becomes nearly impossible.
There's an urban planning term growing in popularity called complete streets.
With the days getting longer, it's officially time to start planning the garden.
Unfinished three- or four-story houses are another all-too-common sight in this land of big dreams and poor planning.
It became increasingly clear that central planning was a route to economic disaster.
In the past, planning a vacation meant calling a travel agent to book your tickets, hotel and activities.
Vacations take lots of planning before you get to sit back and relax.
Proper planning and research must be part of any business plan.
Strong city planning will be essential in managing these and other difficulties as the world's urban areas swell.
Here are some terms you might hear when researching and planning your guided trip.
Help celebrate geography worldwide by planning events in your own community, school, or neighborhood.
Economics, sociology, and politics are all important factors in planning for the future.
Some are planning to keep their visits as short as possible.
Most big airlines have the weight and balance info entered into the gross weights and flight planning systems automatically.
She is planning to begin another cycle in the next few months.
Let's go through planning via memory and communication, and compare these to the perceptual route.
While focusing on saving habitat and eliminating poaching is crucial, failing to have a backup plan is planning to fail.
She's forming an image of the size of the prey and its speed, and of course she's planning a jump.
The strategy suggested qualities that weren't supposed to occur in the lower orders: foresight, planning, perhaps even tool use.
It has no sense of forward-planning, no overhead maps or intelligence to guide its moves.
Trade winds are insignificant for jet planning except when dealing with cross winds for landing.
It is also large in living humans, and is known to be important in planning and other complex kinds of thought.
That's giving politicians too much credit for long-range planning and forward thinking.
Getting good at throwing rocks might have helped kick the brain into planning.
We're planning to split the group up and do a couple of hikes a day so the guest to scientist ratio isn't too high.
But on the other hand, planning ahead and looking for hurricane mitigation methods is not a bad idea.
It cost a ton of money, and they are already planning for its eventual doom.
They used a wide range of strategies, they could pick the best places to begin, and they were better at long-term planning.
He might be trying to gather topics for a grand debunking, or he might be planning something else.
The builders report a strong market for luxury housing and are planning a few new buildings.
Any movement, however slight, required forethought and planning.
He was planning on going to art galleries and buying good paintings that afternoon.
The first step is to realize that there are financial planning firms that blend mind and money matters.
They would deny funding to family-planning initiatives and organizations.
But when it comes to avoiding extra travel costs, it's planning ahead that's the guaranteed remedy.
She was previously senior director of strategic program planning.
Policy changes aimed at reducing emissions through city planning have to come at the local or state level.
The algorithms are so slow that they are of limited use, even for crowd control planning.
The researchers are now planning experiments in animal models.
Without careful planning, however, certain bands could still end up jammed.
In the end the public will suffer from yet another invention that was rushed to market without proper planning.
Planning for future land development is an essential governmental function.
Regional planning information, collision statistics and a comprehensive safety toolbox.
Collectively, the planning staff performs advanced and current planning functions.
Provides scalable recommendations for planning for special needs populations.
Identifies issues to consider when planning for seasonal flu, a mild or moderate pandemic flu, or a severe pandemic.
If you're planning to retire this year, start putting your finances in order now.
Succession planning is a mundane but necessary aspect of corporate life.

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