planned economy in a sentence

Example sentences for planned economy

And of course, in the past the old approach was to go for a planned economy.
Once and for all it was proved that a planned economy is stronger than a planless one.
In short, they could become part of the planned economy.
The one-party state and the planned economy hadn't worked.
These were not qualities that the planned economy demanded.
The transition from a power-based planned economy to a rule-based market economy has opened the door to endemic corruption.
Mandel's argument would suggest that the best response to challenges would be the planned economy.
Centrally planned retirement does not work for much the same reasons as a centrally planned economy does not work.
But much of the borrowed capital was misspent, and the centrally planned economy was unable to use the new resources effectively.
The centrally planned economy has resulted in some legacies in the economy.
Graduate education was resumed in a planned economy context and is being developed in a transition period toward a market economy.
The country was a middle-income, developing country in transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy.
In a planned economy wealth is taken and redistributed by the planners.
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