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If planned carefully, these systems virtually eliminate the problem of uneven water delivery.
And now, suddenly, she had to take over the job six months earlier than planned.
The news ends speculation about where she planned to continue her career.
Multimillion-dollar venues, many of them financed largely by state money, are opening or planned at colleges across the country.
One day after notifying campus officials that she planned to take a maternity leave, the job offer was withdrawn.
Planned and taught writing across the curriculum based courses on varied topics.
All the parts they needed had to be planned correctly in advance and none could be forgotten.
It was successfully implemented during the first month, and then fighting resumed and many planned activities were suspended.
It is doubtful that anyone would take their own life because their career didn't turn out exactly as they planned.
These were destined for the altar of a magnificent stone abbey the settlers planned to build.
We always planned to make this as a series of two or three movies.
Registries allow you to track trials that were planned.
The company noted it planned to have this system automated when it emerged from beta.
Even so, the fiscal figures have come in worse than planned.
Once and for all it was proved that a planned economy is stronger than a planless one.
It will require far deeper reforms than are planned.
Blackouts, both planned and otherwise, are affecting daily lives in no small way.
If it repeats the same trick this year, several of the government's planned spending cuts will presumably fall by the wayside.
The forecasts take into account the planned rise in the pension age across the public sector.
There is even talk of converting planned import terminals for gas into export terminals.
Alas, this week it was forced to scale back both the valuation and the size of its planned offering.
Outsiders did not take those warnings seriously, however, because what was being planned was so implausible.
Many of them had not planned to get a government job when they entered university.
But much of this churn was because of people retiring: planned succession accounted for nearly four-fifths of changes.
Well-planned communities balance natural and artificial spaces.
And those who created the money-related sentences planned to work.
But planned development to extract oil could block a portion of this great herd's annual trek.
Frigid temperatures caused many of the events planned for the second inauguration to be abandoned.
He never lived to effect the consolidation he had planned.
Hasty and ill-planned attempts to make over industrial production in accordance with communist ideas were equally unsuccessful.
The larger the scale upon which the model tenement is planned, the more certain the promise of success.
It was not the safety of his own skin that troubled him, but the success of the scheme he had planned.
He waited on the door-step with his eyes nonchalantly half-closed, and planned his entrance with precision.
Wisely planned, nobly written and deliberately composed, it is the fruit of deep and diligent research.
But then the mayor died, and objections to the planned monument surfaced.
Yet the skeptics were wrong in some ways, too, because the event was not planned in advance by the military.
Winnie planned to boil the seal in a pot and invited me back for dinner.
Meanwhile, my family planned a last-minute road trip.
One factor that seems awfully important here is that these pregnancies were all planned.
She had originally planned to use viruses to carry the gene but worried about the risks.
Some planned makeshift aboveground sanctuaries made of plastic sheeting and duct tape.
We also gave her strict instructions to read the ingredients of any drugstore purchase she planned to put in her mouth.
The interesting thing is the planned stockpiling for the event.
They had planned this out in advance, and set it up carefully.
The chemical plants planned for the new land never materialized.
Especially versus the enormous benefits if it all works as planned.
We had to retreat and take the path to the river earlier than planned.
He had planned to become the best novelist of his generation, somehow or other.
But many among us foresee the river's planned canopy delivering a benign gesture.
Not one of the internees was found to have been a spy or to have planned any sabotage.
In actuality, he had only planned on getting those deals.
Perhaps he'd wanted a clear ocean view from the guesthouse he planned to build, and the double dunes would have impeded it.
But not even a name cast could stop it from being unceremoniously dumped to home video a year after its planned release.
At the end of the performances, the band would do two or three encores that had been planned.
However, independent laboratory evaluation is planned in the near-future.
Sorry, not my bag to pander to planned obsolescence.
But improved monitoring might help spot them when they get here, which might allow a launch to be planned in advance.
If all goes as planned, some of the hydrogen atoms should fuse, producing helium and releasing energy.
Soon, as planned, a few trucks drove past the innocuous electronic spies.
The site did not always function as planned, however.
We'd planned to split up the kids and race them between events.
Further surgery is planned to remove healing implants and to insert screw-in teeth.
So he told his dad he planned to make a hot rod out of it.
Compares statistics on non-heroin opiate admissions, both where methadone treatment was planned and where it was not planned.
They were destroyed in a planned, controlled demolition.

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