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Planking salmon gives it a deep, woodsy taste and keeps it moist by protecting it from the flames.
Its light struck a ghostly white beam across my cabin, and made an ominous shape on the planking by my bunk.
The ferry-boat is made of planking placed on three dugout canoes, and runs on a trolley.
Wood planking was still the practice, on iron frames.
The planking adventure continues for travelers around the world.
The interior of the cabin is lined with raw cedar planking, posts and beams, and a stone fireplace makes for a cozy evening in.
From planking to occupying, check out the words that defined the past year.
His brother turned back to see his older sibling collapse onto the sandy wooden planking.
Closer examination shows crude and hurried workmanship, including the clearly visible caulking that joined the oak planking.
Perhaps the pounding and twisting of the ship had worked the oakum out of her seams or even separated her planking.
Planking or decking of equivalent strength, shall be of proper thickness to carry the working load.
In these situations, only the planking that the employer establishes is necessary to provide safe working conditions is required.
Planking, or decking of equivalent strength, must be thick enough to carry the working load.
He stepped on wooden planking covering an opening on the coal mill tower deck.
Remove existing debris barrier posts and timber planking at spillway.
With the ceiling planking eaten away the framing and hull curvature are clearly defined in the bow.
Planking or decking of equivalent strength shall be of proper thickness to carry the working load.
The hull appears to be resting to port, with the outer hull planking and copper sheathing protruding from the bottom.

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