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But it rose again, with license plates for wallpaper and faded buoys hanging plank to plank.
Mingle tastes from the forest and the sea by grilling fresh salmon on a cedar plank.
Emerging markets' trade problems have been worsened by shifts in capital flows, globalisation's second big plank.
Fish of the day are stuffed with herbs and roasted on a cedar plank.
Her main campaign plank is a proposal for tax credits for companies that promise to hire more workers.
Even if you don't believe a single plank of the party platform.
Sadly, that is the standard for whether a plank makes it into a party's platform.
But the government is making it a central plank of its foreign policy.
Walking the plank might a more apt metaphor for such an event.
Public employees across the country are walking the plank by the tens of thousands.
He has some merit as an investigative reporter but he's about as biased as a tilted plank.
He noticed that a back window on the ground floor was open and a plank was leaning against it.
They rigged up their own instruments, such as a wooden plank outfitted with a single string and two pickups.
Empty life vests floated in abundance there, and he caught hold of several, along with a wooden plank for good measure.
The kitchen had a canvas roof, and the house had plank sides and flooring.
Once for stealing two bags of flour, and the second time for removing a plank of wood from the street.
He threw his arms out, put his head down, and wobbled as though he were walking the plank.
Make a similar ramp using a plank covered with sandpaper, oil or aluminum foil.
They made the circles by pushing down nearly-ripe crops with a plank suspended from a rope.
From here, the progress is mostly downhill, much of it through boggy terrain on two-plank boardwalk.
Ward turns the block in her hands and explains that it was once part of a plank from a ship's hull.
They often take advantage of some anniversary or another to tie it to some plank on their platform.
We feel that the major plank in our platform is unique, and that it has important implications for education everywhere.
But his focus soon drifted to the plank on which he sat, which had been freshly tagged with gang graffiti.
There they heard the sound of muffled whimpering that led them to a wooden plank held in place by part of a tree trunk.
The rooms feature exposed wooden beams, wide plank flooring and vaulted ceilings.
The walls of this cabin are rustic log with wooden-plank floors.
The restaurant's specialties include salmon baked on a cedar plank, grilled shrimp served with scallops and rib-eye steak.
Kids can put on costumes and explore a medieval castle, or they can walk the plank and tie knots on a pirate ship.
It vows to block the tax bill, even though raising the consumption tax has long been a plank in its own policies.
Big drug companies are struggling with a central plank of their business model: patent protection for branded drugs.
The craziest plank, obviously, is the support for high-speed rail.
He who buys a house gets many a plank and nail for nothing.
The police station lodging-house, where the soft side of a plank is the regulation couch, is next in order.
In a plank, in a play sole, in a heated red left tree there is shut in specs with salt be where.
Spread mixture on plank, and make nests and border of duchess potatoes, using rose tube.
Every nail means a night's weaving, every plank a year's dry bread.
High tide and raw sewage continually threaten to rise up over the thresholds of its thousands of plank-and-corrugated-iron shacks.
It consists of a dozen well-built-in fact, quite spiffy-plank shacks on pilings.
There was a plank crossing the crack however blowing snow covered it up so it was not visible.
Dirt floors or wood or concrete plank on steel floor joists or concrete slab on grade.
Plank used for a deck often contains heartwood and sapwood.

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