planetarium in a sentence

Example sentences for planetarium

Reach for the stars with this double-threat tabletop planetarium.
They headed back through the mammals and waited for an elevator, which would deliver them to the planetarium.
Enjoy our exciting science collections and space travel in our popular planetarium.
At the bottom, there was a planetarium, so they would look up at the top and they would see stars.
You'd be better off printing your own certificate and donating the money to a local planetarium.
Many had students who would fire off things from hoax-promoting websites and they came to the planetarium for explanations.
The museum is open six days a week, with planetarium shows on the hour.
Planetarium shows, raptor programs, kinetic weather machines and life-science exhibits are among the permanent displays.
Traditional planetarium shows take us on a virtual tour of stars, planets and galaxies: the outer universe.
Discover the wonders of the universe in our planetarium.

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