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But if an object is orbiting another, much larger object that's not a star, it wouldn't count as a planet either.
For the first time a spacecraft orbiting a foreign planet has spied--and photographed--some of its kin.
The likely rocky planet orbits squarely in its star's habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for life, astronomers report.
The tinier the star, the tinier the transiting planet that can be detected.
The odd, fiery planet is so close to its star and so large that it is triggering tremendous plasma tides on the star.
Astronomers say it's a medium-size planet orbiting an average star.
But it was able to photograph only half of the planet in any detail.
Astronomers believe they may have discovered the first planet ever detected in another galaxy.
Certain travel destinations remind you that you live on a planet-an old, weathered, tectonic-plate-shifting planet.
They haven't decided on a name yet, but astronomers announce they've found another planet in our solar system.
Perhaps the planet still has some volcanic heat churning in its interior.
Graduate-advising disasters are the typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions of the academic planet.
Standing in the middle of the largest gypsum field in the world, you may feel as if you are on another planet.
For the first time, astronomers have seen the atmosphere of a planet outside the solar system.
There is no doubt that there's a limit to what the planet can support.
These will help determine how human visitors would fare on the planet.
Thank you so much for bringing us the wonder of our planet.
The planet itself is an interesting object, unlike anything in our solar system.
Almost no climatologists now dispute the idea that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are heating up our planet.
If you think you can make the planet better by clever shopping, think again.
Extrasolar planet hunters are excited about a not-so-hot discovery.
But lets put present day profits ahead of the sustainability of our planet.
Collectively, according to one estimate, the planet spends more than three billion hours a week playing games.
The portion of our planet affected by serious drought has doubled in the last three decades, a new study suggests.
The only way to rescue our plug-hungry planet from catastrophic global warming is to embrace nuclear power, and fast.
That's by day-to-day intention-to live simpler and lighter on the planet.
Trees are some of the longest-lived organisms on the planet.
We should indeed do the things in our power, and within reason, to sustain the planet.
The planet thus forms a useful screen against other sorts of particles that might confuse the telescope.
No one, of course, would consider chopping down the world's forests to keep the planet cool.
Browse by planet or search the database for your favorites.
Phages are among the simplest organisms on the planet.
And in our shrinking world, our campground is now the planet and global warming threatens it.
The hunger for wealth, which reduces the planet to a garden, fools the eager pursuer.
Our planet is one, the suns are many, the world is wide.
The planet's fourth-smallest nation, they say, faces extinction because of climate change.
And yet, another current bubbling to the surface was the protection of the planet.
Then maybe the planet can start getting back to a balance.
He has been studying the hydrogen-iron substance to understand the temperature and composition of the center of our planet.
And they show that he is clearly a champion of saving the planet from the human species.
It is amazing to think that many centuries ago civilizations were walking our planet before us.
We know that there is no place on the planet for a war.
Jellyfish should be celebrated as one of our planet's ultimate survivalists.
Now our planet is threatened by humanity's bond with fossil fuels.
Inspiring people to care about the planet-and every living creature on it-is our mission.
Why cities are the best cure for our planet's growing pains.
Here's the lowdown on why it's happening, what's causing it, and how it might change the planet.
Asteroids and comets in nearby space pose a constant threat to our planet.
Logically, one day they must: the planet is a finite place.
From the size of this drop, they can deduce the diameter of the planet.
The main axis of the planet's orbital ellipse shifts each time it goes round the sun.
He is talking expansively about saving the planet and conquering space.
Groundwater provides about a fifth of the planet's water needs and half its drinking water.
There's plenty of oil lying beneath many forsaken places on this planet.
Unlike virtually every other ecosystem on the planet, these deep-sea communities do not rely on the sun for their food.
From the planet's point of view that would mean a huge, and possibly catastrophic, increase in overall emissions.
The data strongly suggest that times were a lot harder for predators before humans dominated the planet.
One is to reduce the amount of incoming sunlight that the planet absorbs.
Their cold-war rivalry could have incinerated the planet and made the cinders bounce.
Using the planet's natural coolness, though, is something of a novelty.
Yet emissions of planet-heating gases have remained broadly stable over the past few years.
They're also citizens, who have citizen values-including saving the planet from global warming.
Profits can come before the planet die, but then there will not be anything to exploit.
There is now a truly global labour market as companies can access the best and the brightest from anywhere on the planet.
They span the planet, allocating resources as they see fit and competing to win customers.
In fact, the planet generally is more volatile than you might think.
The commerce, politics, and culture of much of the planet swirled around the basilicas and markets.
Certain words can shake the blogosphere in much the same way earthquakes stir the planet.
However, your idea of what is reasonable and my idea of what is reasonable are clearly not on the same planet.
Their behavior--unless that are an alien species trying to gain a foothold on our planet--is completely unacceptable.
And in some planetary systems, the moons of an extrasolar planet could themselves be favorable habitats for extraterrestrial life.
Finding a planet would give us a good place to look for life.
What the journey of a handful of dust tells us about our fragile planet.
Funeral options that honor your loved one--and the planet.
According to the researchers, some water molecules surround the almost-planet dust and act as almost a sacrificial layer.
They will improve only after satellites surrounding the planet are upgraded.
They're far more biologically diverse than the cooler parts of the planet.
The new addition, which isn't yet named, brings the dwarf planet's number of known satellites to four.
The planet is one of the favorite sights to see for amateur astronomers.
Since they first walked the planet, humans have either buried or burned their dead.
Fourteen years from now, there will be eight billion people on the planet.
Yet our patterns of meat consumption have become increasingly dangerous for both individuals and the planet.
No, tranquility does not promise to descend on our planet, and will not be granted us so easily.
How lonely to inhabit the planet without that familiar and alien gaze to keep us company.
The afternoon-free from the blur of hangover or the fug of sleep-is when our shared predicament on this planet becomes clear.
The planet turned in the sky, dotted everywhere with people and animals.
It's clear humans have had a devastating impact on our planet's ecological web of life.
Your weekly serving of the best culture on the planet.
Both companies share the aim of building a sustainable future for this planet.
His first thoughts were the car company, or the planet, or the element.
Humans can outrun nearly every other animal on the planet over long distances.
Taking the same object and making it a planet in one location and not a planet in another makes no sense.
His idea is that over hundreds of millions of years any micro-organism will change the atmosphere of its planet.
Demonstration devices and toys will help anyone understand that the planet has a surprising energy alternative.
By their arguments seawater must be the best uranium ore on the planet.
By now they must have the largest face recognition corpus on the planet.
It truly is the future of energy for the whole planet.
But given a viable planet, there is no holding back.
Saving money and the planet by upgrading older homes.
Certainly that has been true throughout the planet's history.
Humans are pumping out planet-warming greenhouse gases at a prodigious rate, and the planet is warming.

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