planer in a sentence

Example sentences for planer

We did the same with a metal planer, shaving curls of metal from the metal blank.
The weather may hold some of the crowds back and fishermen may have a little more room to maneuver with those planer boards.
Wood residues from the sawmill and planer mill areas are both used onsite as fuel, as well as sold to outside parties.
The planer shavings and trimmer sawdust is pneumatically conveyed to the planner mill shavings cyclone.
Using planer boards in areas of high boat traffic or tight quarters is not recommended.
Other museum highlights are its steam-powered sawmill and planer mill, the roundhouse, and a belt-and-shaft driven machine shop.
Finally, the rough-sawn pieces are run through a planer.
The first production machine for this manufacturer will likely be a planer.
Planer shavings are transferred to either a truck bin or a fuel silo.
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