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Example sentences for plan

Recently, a new client approached me, wanting help with his business plan.
I'm in the process of really trying to figure out how to plan for retirement.
His plan has energised the debate on the deficit.
Use this guide to plan your trip, from car ride activities to can't-miss-creatures.
Shortly afterward, I gathered a number of political friends to begin to plan for the forthcoming campaign.
It might be difficult to convince him of the soundness of my plan.
It's the most important step to this plan.
Some folks plan trips around the chance of seeing wildlife.
He did think of the future, he told her, and he'd been making plans.
But it was many years before a specific plan occurred to me.
Once it got wind of the plan, he says, the agency was bound to want to be involved.
These days, that plan goes well beyond crunches and cardio.

Famous quotes containing the word plan

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