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I've actually mistaken my Siamese's plaintive yowls for my own baby before.
That's too bad, because despite her plaintive plea, she ought to be judged.
Her voice, by turns plaintive and coaxing, is distorted to resemble a man's.
Also, a good mispronounciation came to me: plane-ta-tive instead of plaintive.
Modern poetry can be plaintive or richly idiomatic, or both.
Wandering like a plaintive shadow about the places where I dwell.
The boy sings in plaintive tones with sweeping string backgrounds and augmented choral effects.
The online posts appear earnest, but not plaintive.
That plaintive comment is echoing from coast to coast.
Much of this music was melodically plaintive.
The plaintive song of the humpback whale can travel for great distances underwater.
As he breathed a sigh, the air sounded through the reeds, and produced a plaintive melody.
Paper after paper begins with a trumpet fanfare and ends with a plaintive bleat.
It then began to register all over the place, from a gruff and husky whisper to a papery, plaintive bleat.
If there was something plaintive about those stories, it is because buyers seem to be in hibernation these days.
Its plaintive cries were recorded, and can be heard by those dialing a special toll number.
Yet his burnished, plaintive voice is utterly distinctive, and his artistry affecting.
Onstage she's ever forthright: raunchy or plaintive, insolent or exalted, underlining her tone with well-timed gestures.
The best movement is the second, with its plaintive melody evocative of folk music.
One side of his sensibility is an acoustic, plaintive folk singer-songwriter of lonely ballads.
Plaintive elderly people are shown consoling each other in one frame, then by a hospital bedside in another.
Its plaintive call is usually accompanied by a nervous flit of the tail.
Louisa wrote poetry in a primitive and often plaintive fashion.
Despite the limited audio technology of the recording, the plaintive message is timeless.
The bulls' plaintive bugle resounds along this headland a few hundred feet above the crashing waves.
There is, if one has ears to hear, something plaintive and pleading about that statement.
There is no record that the plaintive note was acknowledged.

Famous quotes containing the word plaintive

The eye of genius has always a plaintive expression, and its natural language is pathos.... more
Will no one tell me what she sings?— Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow For old, unhappy, far-off things,... more
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