plaintiff in a sentence

Example sentences for plaintiff

For the plaintiff this has been a painful episode.
The plaintiff failed to make his case.
Nevada law only requires one plaintiff be identified at the time of filing a class action lawsuit, he said.
The plaintiff was not satisfied, so he cried fraud.
The lead plaintiff in a lawsuit, he was part of an identity theft ring.
The plaintiff is generally entitled to open the argument.
But the most important among them would be the lead plaintiff.
For a plaintiff to recover damages, this action or failure must be the "proximate cause" of an injury, and actual loss must occur.
The jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff for $2970 60.
The research firm's clients include plaintiff attorneys and auto suppliers.
Remember, no damage award has ever been handed out to a plaintiff who lost a tort case against a company.
The court dismissed the complaint, saying that the plaintiff didn't show sufficient harm to merit the injunction.
When the law instructs him to find for the criminal defendant or the plaintiff, he does so.
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