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The flat coastal plains of the south give way to valleys, then hills and mountains toward the middle and north.
Firms are proposing ambitious transmission lines across the plains.
It has a mountainous central plateau and coastal plains.
They were regarded as the premier horse thieves of the plains.
Mine is the wild-type sunflower, native to the plains.
There is strong evidence of floods-and of channels carved by these floods-draining into the northern plains.
Multihued summits-whittled by ancient glaciers into walls and horns-rise abruptly from gently rolling plains.
Open plains and prairies, farmland, and sometimes edges of woods.
They seem to get along with antelope well on the flat plains and the elk in the high country.
To the east, a one-hour drive takes you through high and low valleys and tropical plains.
Plains and prairies are about expanse, a difficult concept to photograph.
Many were built on flood plains, meaning residents are stuck in a mosquito-infested open sewer after every heavy rain.
Stony ridges rise up from ravines, dry riverbeds and hardly vegetated plains, and curl around each other.
But once again, the mountain region proved much harder to capture than the plains, and soon the army got bogged down.
Easier to stay bunched together in mediocrity than to stand alone on the wolf patrolled plains of contrary opinion.
In this picture, green-colored plains were likely made by volcanism, while blue plains were made when rock was melted by impacts.
Glaciers slowly grind their way over mountains and plains, moving immense boulders and carving out fjords.
That's a sober position, many believe, at a time when the arc of development is growing in dangerous flood plains.
The abyssal plains of the world ocean floors are not nearly as deep as that.
As if plains hadn't pushed their way here in malignant fevers, icy shivers.
Now they stride across the plains, necks and tails outstretched.
There are none on the plains around it, or at the bottom of a nearby crater, either.
There is a census of coastal waters and a census of the abyssal plains, a census of coral reefs and a census of seamounts.
Originally known as ghosts of the plains, coyotes have now become ghosts of the cities, occasionally heard but rarely seen.
These plains are flooded during the rainy season, dry and parched in the summer, and often burned by fires.
In the abyssal plains, moreover, the map reveals its second weakness: there it tends to show too much topography.
So they crossed over the mountains, up into the plains.
There are no perfectly flat, perfectly featureless plains in nature.
The plains minnow is similar to the western silvery minnow in many features.
They allowed developers to build housing projects in flood plains and failed to shore up retaining walls and dykes.

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