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Five rams were grazing, and one was lying down, his white rump plainly visible.
Some of the claims about syntax are plainly false despite being respected by the authors.
There doesn't need to be yet another academic study of an irrelevant subject that is plainly corruptible and not peer reviewed.
He elegantly harmonizes aggressive works, each of which plainly would prefer to be the only one in the room.
It is plainly clear that this is kind of a weird article.
It is plainly wrong for a first-year medical student to offer any sort of advice.
In order to attract attention, their rhetoric is ratcheted up beyond the point where it becomes outrageous and plainly wrong.
But the breezy profile was plainly irrelevant that week.
But this is not the only reason why capital punishment, if it ever was a truly effective deterrent, is now plainly no longer so.
Plainly, this will take a large investment of capital, particularly in education.
Some are plainly from trolls but a fair few are from frightened kids.
There was never anything in there, as you can plainly see by the absence of ramifications in the news after their release.
Whatever the merit of the work, it was plainly the theme which conquered.
Even as good shone upon the countenance of the one, evil was written broadly and plainly on the face of the other.
One of the national tendencies is plainly to excess--excess in almost everything.
It is not as if what needs to happen is plainly impossible for economic or other reasons.
Plainly the council must seek to represent the whole country.
Others felt that a universe so elegantly designed as ours plainly must have a designer.
His general point is plainly true all over the world.
Investors plainly don't believe the rescues will work.
Plainly, vast dollops of aid have gone down the drain.
In some industries, notably car production, a rebound is plainly under way.
Plainly the killings-and the photos of the dead festooning the protesters' camp-have undermined him badly.
Such a course plainly might maximise returns to taxpayers, though this cannot be guaranteed.
It has plainly succeeded in its main goal of expanding health coverage.
The notion that free trade precludes food security is plainly wrong-headed.
The world economy is plainly in a poor state, but it could get a lot worse.
Where there is plainly an urgent need for change is the way in which governments use science to make their case.
By then communism, for all its tanks and missiles, was plainly a less efficient economic machine.
The structure of a country's health services plainly matters too.
But there is plainly a big risk, and the consequences would be severe.
It seems to me prizes are for younger folks who need the recognition, and sometimes plainly the prize money.
One, plainly, is higher potential rates of economic growth.
Plainly, economic growth makes policymakers' lives much easier.

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