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Try the same study as free moving subjects with little resistance to motion while walking on a level plain.
Again, declaring that his speech is plain, he disclaimed any rhetorical show of elegance.
We like the earthy flavor of plain mushrooms just as much.
The cucumber-dill and sea-salt-with-black-pepper flavors have more zing than the plain sea salt.
The plain language of the statute shows that the infringer's knowledge or intent does not affect its application.
Thousands of years ago giant mammoths and mastodons roamed a plain now covered by the Atlantic.
This is a ridiculous and just plain nasty accusation.
They are hidden in plain sight.
It also replenishes the fertility of flood plain soils.
Trolling is disruptive, unnecessary, and just plain not appreciated.
Many sites can use your plain-text resume to complete an application.
It arrived in a plain brown package by registered mail, insured for one million dollars.
In contrast to the plain walls, these bear elaborate designs.
It is one of the ironies of this view that evidence for it has long been in plain sight.
Other quarries cleared a space on the plain, then opened long, labyrinthine tunnels along the sides where entire villages lived.
The plain wooden tables in the cavernous, heavy-beamed main dining room were filled with connoisseurs of the house specialty.
The enemy at last was plain in view, huge and hateful, all disguise cast off.
It's plain as a pikestaff that obesity requires systems change, not a tweak here and there, yet that is what is being offered.
The fact is plain that other great figures have led far more disordered lives and received far less censure.
Most radical new technologies have been percolating in plain sight for years.
It's plain old linen, which does indeed weigh less and dry faster than a regular towel.
One which is surrounded by a plain or semi-regular background.
Of course, there's the influence of plain old marketing voodoo as well.
That's fine, but the square in the margin that indicates a note is now plain, where it used to show the date.
Out of context, many of our behaviors-if limited to the mere veneer of plain description-would raise many an eyebrow.
Water that was boiled, then cooled to room temp before freezing did not freeze faster than plain room temp water.
The spider uses this disguise to hide in plain day and pick off unsuspecting ants who venture too close.
The smell of pig manure is the smell of pig manure plain and simple.
But, offending other people with such words is plain selfish.
Are you really that ideological you can't see plain facts or do you work for big energy.
Letting your kids get fat is criminal, plain and simple.
Now, instead of leaving him, she begins to vanish in plain sight.
The officer says a word which is unintelligible to them but plain in meaning.
There were other commonalities that were harder to ex- plain.
They are as plain and as misshapen as, well, people.
As soon as you see this, all falls into place and the author's sheer brilliance is plain to see.
But you can chalk that up to clever marketing or plain and simple illusion.
But chocolate milk can contain about twice as much sugar as plain low-fat milk.
The evidence is in plain view on any city street or televised sporting event.
We retreat for hours under a scalding sun, crossing in the process a vast, cauterized plain of cracked mud.
Global warming and species extinction are examples of potential catastrophes that are hiding in plain sight, experts say.
It came at me in plain words one night, in that sullen calm before sleep.
The surface is everywhere covered up by a thick bed of gravel, which extends far and wide over the open plain.
On the other hand, clothes that are too plain can be equally out of proportion.
The flap of the envelope should be plain and the point not unduly long.
The story is dark enough, drawn from the plain public records, to send a chill to any heart.
It's plain enough, and helps the paradox delightfully.
The circular fibers form a thick, uniform layer, and are composed of plain muscle cells of considerable length.
He could not produce wonderful effects by the use of a few plain words.
First it degenerated to top-sarge and then to plain top.
Pipe ganache onto flat sides of plain cookies, then top with sugared cookies to make sandwiches.
It was much easier to correct errors in plain text than in cipher.
Afterward, he was admired by a much wider public, as a crusader for honesty and plain speaking in government.
But then the answers to our two questions about disobedience seem plain, if unorthodox.
He makes plain his belief that such a culture is something to cherish and foster so that it will be more inclusive.
Only the shell of the building that houses the power station remained in the battered plain.
Many observers deride the car's styling as plain and derivative.
Yet in the light of day, the holes in the rescue plan are plain to see.
Their wares have a plain usefulness that the frothier bits of finance cannot match.
The immediate causes are plain enough: destocking on a huge scale and a collapse in exports.
The result is that the pitted tungsten becomes much hotter than a plain sheet of the metal could manage.
Instead, they're reported as if they were facts, plain and simple.
He has rejuvenated policymaking, thanks to a taboo-free, plain-talking approach.
They would do far better with a plain old mutual fund.
In a world whose demand for protein grows daily, the need to conserve stocks is plain.
Plain-clothes agents tried to mingle with the crowd, but they stood out by wearing a single white glove.
Jane is a sort of plain character, but that doesn't mean she's unstylish.
Geologic formations indicate that the landscape during that era was a gentle, sloping plain.
While some of the mummies were wrapped only in plain linen, others were elaborately painted and gilded.
He would begin lecturing as soon as his body broke the plain of the doorway.
People call you closed-minded because your viewpoint doesn't agree with theirs, plain and simple.
They consider the deaths causalities of war, plain and simple.
Opponents of the bill are acting as much out of political expediency as out of plain old-fashioned gender bias.
Adding flavor concentrates will make instant plain or diet cola, tonic, root beer or the popular fruit sodas.

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