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Since proving plagiarism is hard, legal redress is normally an expensive dream.
Heed these rules, and there shouldn't be any question of plagiarism.
These conversations turn frequently to the issue of student plagiarism.
Some industrious bloggers have been fisking the thesis for examples of plagiarism.
In the glaring examples of plagiarism he just took somebody else's work and repackaged it.
When word of the plagiarism got out, the newspapers jumped on it.
Not being a secretive man, he published the result in 1684, and was immediately accused of plagiarism by Newton.
If this seems to be a bit of sly plagiarism, it doesn't feel like it.
Failure to cite your sources and making 'news' appear as your own break is called 'plagiarism'.
He has denied that he committed plagiarism.
Plagiarism is committed everywhere in the world almost every day.
She evinces a sound working knowledge of all the infighting and backbiting that accompanied both plagiarism scandals.
Plagiarism of this sort is merely symptomatic of a philosophical plague upon education.
As for specific problems such as plagiarism, there have been many strong suggestions in these discussions previously.
Plagiarism in term papers, reports, or business presentations is a serious problem.
Attorney disciplinary action involving accusations of plagiarism and an unreasonable fee.

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