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And the placid beasts still gazing with their mild eyes full of loving.
Even placid Oman is being dragged into the row.
The colonial society seems placid, prospering at a Neolithic level, with the world populated by small farming villages.
His demeanor was as placid as that of a midnight watchman finishing his shift.
The heat is searing and the mood placid.
No matter how placid it may look, water always holds danger.
Houseboats are usually the stuff of lakes, bays, and placid rivers.
Donald took umbrage, but he seethed beneath a seemingly placid exterior.
But beyond the state's borders, the reaction has been anything but placid.
If their expressions are placid, they're pleased.
They rush through narrow channels, swirl around rocky outcrops, and fan out to form placid pools.
No, a gentle giant, a placid consumer of tiny prey that spends a lot of time basking at the surface.
We can already tell that this endeavor does not lend itself to a placid household.
It is amazing how quickly this placid political situation has developed.
It has a gentle ring, suggesting a placid haven for the troubled rather than a bustling marketplace.
They were relatively dull and placid--and unobservant.
But that placid surface belies the power surging through the water.
The placid waters have dropped more than four meters in the last year.
There are placid blue moments and moment of angry, house-high waves that take down ships.
We made eye contact, but the masked face yielded nothing beyond placid neutrality.
Once pinned, the seal becomes as placid as her pup, which is watching from a few feet away.
There are also the sports enthusiasts who come to parachute into the placid green fjord waters.
But it was anything but a placid year in the stock market.
Then he continued on foot until he reached a broad, placid rice paddy, with telephone poles protruding from it at odd angles.
Scratch the placid surface, however, and the typical workweek teems with fascinating people and events.
Even in placid weather, floating-column structures bob up and down as the sea heaves beneath them, which can make people seasick.
His hands were shaking slightly as he read on and on, but his voice was a placid monotone.
The alternatives are not placid servitude on the one hand and revolt against servitude on the other.
In the slanting light of late afternoon, the waterway is testimony to a placid, amphibious way of life.
But much of the time they seem so placid, you wonder whether they know something.
In addition, golf does not take place in a placid, pristine environment.

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