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The placement rate measures employability after receiving services.
The traps come with instructions showing correct placement.
The placement of the body is said to signify honor and bring the dead closer to heaven.
Not all appearances of name-brand items in movies result from product placement.
All three involve placement of graduating students at software companies as a revenue source.
For members of a group, their group-mates reviews would get priority placement on a page.
Evaluations need to have an impact on teacher placement.
If you use objects other than your main subject in the foreground, be careful of placement.
The placement of her wounds suggests that she set herself on fire, but at the time of my visit she denied it.
Ask students to explain the criteria used for their placement of each picture.
Shell is experimenting with ways of encapsulating the air bubbles to control their size and placement.
Placement and removal of the needles had to be done with utmost care to avoid damaging the creatures' soft skin.
It's a question of harmony and the placement of features.
Glazed windows and appropriate window placement can regulate heat from the sun and allow for the maximum amount of natural light.
Be careful of the placement of the line if you are using a graduated filter.
And remember, you can search and apply for grants to defray your travel costs as well as any placement fees.
The new sticky tape could also be made into drug-delivery patches for placement directly on organs including the heart.
The placement of the mirrors is critical, and in some cases requires bulldozing a large area, which can destroy animal habitats.
None of the chaplains appears to interpret this placement as anything other than a logistical accident.
Through trial and error he improved both the material chosen for sutures and their placement when rejoining opened organs.
Andy knew the prime placement for spotting twisters is southeast of the action.
Another type of pecking order revolves around the placement of a group's detector.
Then he tried a paint roller on a pole, which afforded a bit more control over the shape and placement of the marks.
Immediately after the placement, the saliva or water of the glob interacts in repelling the wax away from the glob's nucleus.
Clothing is designed to constrain and reinforce the effect of body movement and placement.
It was before every celebrity became his own product placement-even the rock gods seem accessible.
If your placement is bad unknowingly, then you are simply doing what is expected of you.
Lawmakers continue to stress a need for the public to have a clearer picture of colleges' graduation and job-placement rates.
The award recognized the college for its rapid growth and high graduation and job-placement rates.
In print, boxed ads receive preferred placement and are grouped by job function to help readers find them.
All these cars are heroes in some way, which is product placement etiquette.
We're guessing there will be tasteful placement of one of the round cards she carries in the ring.
College students and graduates are well aware of the impact a plummy placement could have on their careers.
Meanwhile the government finances welfare for those without insurance rights, as well as job-placement.
One of the reasons for the school's triumph has been the success of its careers placement service.
The new law will require disclosure of all product ingredients and the placement of more prominent warning labels on packages.
Most of the discussion about turbines is about roof placement and prevailing wind speeds.
No job placement, and alumni are not understood or looked after.
During the third trimester or summer students may opt for an exchange placement.
The sale will probably be done through a private placement with big investors.
New restrictions on television advertising mean that money is flowing into product placement.
Monitors draw attention to themselves by their unexpected placement, near the ceiling or the floor.
When he played, the tallest players had trouble controlling ball placement.
Proper tower placement will help make for an efficient alien-killing machine.
Being right handed, it took a while to get used to this button placement.
Before you commit to a new pair of multimedia speakers, do yourself a favor and think about placement.
The structural, powerplant, and wing-placement conundrums all seem bordering on the insolvable.
There's also some of the best product placement ever.
The ceiling isn't the ideal placement for audiophile music enjoyment anyway.
The amount of fluid in each tank affects the way the ship moves at sea, as does the weight and placement of the cargo.
And organizational requirements imposed a nested, overarching system for the placement of names.
Immediately after the placement, the saliva or water of the glob interacts in repelling the wax away from the glob's nucleus.
Thus reception can be either improved or degraded, depending on the placement of one's body.
The researchers sought that evidence by examining the placement and age of craters across the lunar surface.
Their seemingly random placement sometimes recalls a genetic experiment gone awry.
And for another two years, the researchers examined the impact of this placement.
As with onshore wind farms, there is frequent public outcry over the placement of power pylons.
Our physical placement in the cosmos need not have any relation to our significance.
Such a placement is ideal for inferring what properties the ancestral tick must have had.
There is possession, and there is placement of the ball.

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