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The rock appeared to have been shaped into the profile of a face and placed on the ridge.
Inside this tank, they placed a small ring that whirled more rapidly than the cylinder.
Ancient artists placed great stress on his inhumanity, depicting him with goatish beard and devil's horns.
Although all items can be placed into the dryer, he must learn to withhold some of them.
Here and there in the wilderness, buckets are placed to catch samples of the leaves.
Instead, they placed the body into a wooden coffin and transported it to a small cave at the height of a cliff.
Original letters and autographed books are casually placed.
Artworks derive meaning not only from the thought and feeling that the artist put into them, but from where they are placed.
Since the treatment necessitated inserting a respirator, the medical staff placed me in a drug induced coma.
Any element placed in a flame will change its color.
The tide turbines can even be placed far enough apart where they will not interfere with shipping.
It was inevitable that the radio tags that let cars breeze through toll plazas would get placed on, or in, people.
When the animals were then placed in an open environment, the scientists could still guide their movements.
Three-legged pots were used for cooking food, placed directly in a fire pit.
The tip of a resonator is placed against a tooth, which it scans about a dozen times over a period of three minutes.
Then they placed those recordings near trees around known elephant families.
In other trees they placed a control, a white noise buzz.
Moon rocks were placed in an aluminum storage box that was vacuum sealed on the lunar surface.
Previous research into pitting corrosion had placed the blame on sulfur-rich impurities in the alloy.
When placed in the pool, the animals would swim to its location, even after it had been removed.
In addition, pores placed strategically within the scaffold influenced the direction in which the cells could grow.
There is no need to panic if, lately, you have forgotten an appointment or a friend's birthday or where you placed your keys.
If placed too closely, mulch can retain moisture and cause plants and trees to rot.
Concrete planters are placed along the sidewalk, with a firepit and raised patio inside.
Two sets of windows add balanced daylight, and thoughtfully placed downlights accent the room at night.
The updated kitchen has painted furniture and well-placed accessories.
Three perfectly placed mirrors in this family room create an oceanfront feel few nautical paintings could pull off.
Even a few small boulders placed next to a path can make a striking design statement.
We filled the saucepan about one third full of water and placed the large bowl on top.
We put newspapers under the frame to catch debris, then placed the hops on the screen and spread them out in a single layer.
Groups of chairs are placed amid the property's many oak, madrone, and manzanita trees.
Within a few hours, apricots must be sliced in half and placed on drying racks, with the pit side facing the sun.
To screen the area from the street, foliage plants were placed around the perimeter.
In single-story homes or in top-floor bedrooms, a well-placed skylight can make all the difference.
The fountain's spherical shape is echoed by a trio of orbs carefully placed on the deck in the background.
We placed the hen in a box with a heating pad under her and a dishtowel over her back.
We also did have a successful compost pile where the chicken manure was placed.
Placed in a river, a water wheel picks up flowing water in buckets located around the wheel.
The tags are about the size of a grain of rice, and are placed under the skin with a hypodermic needle.
Keep in mind that the compost need not be placed outdoors.
Each settlement is organized around a central plaza and linked to others via precisely placed roads.
During their study, researchers placed an aluminum bead on top of a container of laboratory-created quicksand.
Hand-pounded pieces of copper and silver metal cover each eye, and another is placed between his teeth.
For example, big windows placed on the sunny side of a building allow sunlight to heat-absorbent materials on the floor and walls.
In one of your shots, you placed a board behind stalks of soybean and sugarcane.
Many of the figures are depicted in a sitting position, with their hands placed on their knees.
Bedbugs placed on shaved arms were more likely to try to feed than those that were placed on unshaven limbs.
In contrast, it was three years before owls began roosting in nesting boxes placed in trees.
The plates, she noted, are decorated only on what would normally be there undersides and were placed facedown on the bodies.
The president has placed heaviest emphasis on driving technologies calculated to produce economic benefits.
Half of community-college students nationwide are placed in remedial courses when they begin their college studies.
They told him that his actions placed him in jeopardy of being kicked out of the dorm.
Colleges were placed in one of three size groups-small, medium, or large-based on enrollment.
He measured the movements of one injected mouse against the movements of two mice that were placed together.
Since then, questions have been raised as to whether the students should have been placed in such a situation.
Qualified candidates not selected may be placed in a pool for future consideration.
At the upper part there is a little bar placed across, which stretches the cotton and holds it in the mould.
Let the music likewise be sharp and loud, and well placed.
They are readily influenced by the medium in which they are placed.
Bird should be placed on back, with legs at right of platter for carving.
Lobsters taste nearly the same when placed in dripping-pan and baked fifteen minutes in hot oven, and are much easier cooked.
Melt chocolate in a small saucepan placed over hot water, add sugar and water, and stir until smooth.
More rarely, the bone is developed by two centers, placed side by side.
Both deals were driven in large part by technology, which placed constraints on who could merge with whom.
It's reinventing the categories that people are socially placed into.
If placed too close together, antennae interfere with each other's signals.
Bets would then be placed via special lottery tickets that pay out if punters select a winning team as well as a winning ticket.
Yet the cake cried out for a glaze to top it off, the way an artfully placed scarf turns a dress into an outfit.
Because the pitcher of beer placed at my outdoor picnic table continues to be miraculously cold.
The juice is collected in plastic tubs and poured into the huge vat that's placed over a powerful outdoor burner.
During the marinating process, the royal chefs placed a hot coal in a small bowl and poured a few tablespoons of ghee on top.
The cranberries must never be stirred from the time they are placed on the fire.
Haggis is never the main dish, but a wee portion is placed on the plate along with the meat course.
Restaurants generally may be placed in three categories.
Interestingly, much of the faith placed in purées comes from our parents' generation.
Dairy and grains couldn't mix and were placed at opposite ends of the kitchen.
As the gallium arsenide films are released, they're picked up and placed on a substrate.
The beams then form an interference pattern that changes when viruses bind to the antibodies placed on one of the light channels.
At the same time, the prototype placed significantly less computational load on the processor of the computer using it.
Eventually, the electrodes could be placed permanently under the scalp, he says.
The flare is placed next to an uncovered mine and detonated from a distance.
Then an odd and exotic new creature, a turtledove, is brought into the house and placed in a gilded cage.
One's own civilization or nation must be firmly placed within a truly global context, so as to avoid parochialism.
It was saved and chosen and placed in that room for me to see.
In a typical protective custody unit, individuals are placed in maximum-security cells.
The way it works is that a piece of meat and its accompanying seasonings are placed in an airtight bag.
Henry rubbed conductive jelly on two electrodes and placed both on the left side of the patient's head.
Drug users should be placed in medical-penal facilities where every effort is made to break them of their addictions.
Stem cells placed in a scaffolding generate a brand new rat heart outside the body.
Since everyone's pinnae are different, so is the acoustic stamp placed on sound entering the brain.
Several techniques have been described and utilized to remove the many objects placed in ears.
Upon further inspection, they discover that there are two speakers placed at each end of the room.
Researchers blindfolded and placed headphones on him so that he could only use his whiskers to sense underwater objects.
It comes as no surprise, for example, to learn that she placed third in a county beauty pageant a few years ago.
Instead, the toll is wirelessly deducted from an account into which you've already placed money.
But when placed under genetic scrutiny, the bones tell a different tale.
He placed cuttlefish in tanks with patterns of colored gravel on the bottom.
In the first experiment, the researchers placed the males on the females' webs while the cannibals were absent.
My nurse placed tubing under the patient's nose to maximize the amount of oxygen her blood would deliver to her tissues.
These sticks are placed so as to provide inviting perches for birds.
The thing is, in that single image above you can't be sure if the object is a moon or a coincidentally placed background star.
Hydrogen, a light gas, was oddly placed above the alkali metals in the old table.
For this study, they placed the scope over the cerebellum, the brain area involved in motor coordination.
Their study involves the rate of water evaporation from metal pans placed at various land sites around the world.
These must be protected by solid casings, limiting the surfaces and environments where devices can be placed.
He had placed the devices into the frogs' peritoneal cavity, a space within its belly that contains its stomach, guts and liver.
He was soon placed in what seemed to be a dusty closet, large enough for only a mattress.
He bent to put his statement on the bridge, then placed his cell phone on it.
The model was placed in a realistic position on the sofa.
She also placed a bowl she'd bought at a crafts fair on a coffee table.
Two servants carried in a tea trolley and placed it before the newcomer.
Specifically, the effort of trying to get my two kids placed in a topnotch middle school.
Placed before her is a dish of seafood with ratatouille.
The powerful potency of metaphors: how a few well-placed words can change your brain.
He bought some cold cuts, placed them on a platter, and put them in the refrigerator.
The transcripts, however, show that an unknown number of cremated remains were placed in urns that are lost forever.
The majority of rescued dogs are placed in foster care.
Residents did not want the antenna placed on the water tower because it sits in a residential neighborhood.
In her mind, food placed on the counter by you is no different from food that is handed to her or placed on the floor.
Much of the blame for today's unprecedented economic turbulence can be placed on weak government oversight.
By law, each state is allowed to honor two people from its local history with life-size works placed throughout the building.
The stickers were then placed onto a blown-up and laminated diagram of the venue that indicates every seat.
He was placed in that spot for that particular thing.
He placed the crutch beside me and then began to pull the boat through the shallow water.
Property placed in service and disposed of in the same year.
Determining when property is placed in service is explained later.

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