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Example sentences for placebo effect

And the folded paper cootie catchers do nothing but induce a placebo effect in affected persons.
And, of course, the placebo effect in medicine is well established.
Episode in which they've run out of morphine, and have to rely on the placebo effect on wounded soldiers.
It is also possible that your recovery was due to the placebo effect instead of the acupuncture itself.
Doctors have long thought the placebo effect is all in the head, and it turns out they may be right.
But scientists argue that the placebo effect--whereby belief in a treatment will provide relief--is probably at work.
My first thought was that there was a placebo effect that influenced the outcome of these experiments.
But the chemical basis of the placebo effect, despite its enormous importance, is still largely a mystery.
Without that, the influence and confounding role of a placebo effect cannot be overlooked.
The placebo effect is, in essence, a positive result of communication.
It's as if the placebo effect is somehow getting stronger.
Angina is particularly susceptible to the placebo effect because the anticipation of pain adds to the intermittency of it.
But don't worry, the placebo effect may keep working even if you know about it.
We're always asking for reliable experiments double blind keeping track of the placebo effect and this is exactly that.
And the placebo effect is real, thinking you are being given beneficial treatment can actually make you better.
As a result, many researchers pronounced the placebo effect a myth.
New study links expectations of rewards to placebo effect.
Of course there is a placebo effect and there is the effect of a kindly supportive physician as well.
It does indeed, harness the power of the placebo effect, but it is effective.
Number one is there's always potential for some type of placebo effect any time you put a needle in anyway.
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