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Some swallowed echinacea for a week beforehand, others a placebo.
And, of course, the placebo effect in medicine is well established.
Perhaps that explains why placebo research focuses on suggestive healing rather than suggestive harming.
New study links expectations of rewards to placebo effect.
That's probably an exaggeration, or an example of the placebo effect.
The study was a rare examination of the placebo effect of surgery.
Episode in which they've run out of morphine, and have to rely on the placebo effect on wounded soldiers.
The general consensus from my colleagues was they had a placebo effect but little more.
The placebo effect is notoriously difficult to quantify.
But one of the placebo days also happened to fall on a day of widespread torrential downpours.
Only the higher of two doses provided a statistically significant improvement in lupus symptoms compared with a placebo.
Those who took the drug were able to fall asleep more quickly and spend more time asleep than those who had the placebo.
These popular antidepressants are effective-but their function arises mainly from the placebo effect.
In a trial, there were more deaths and serious infections among those who received the drug compared with those on a placebo.
For comparison, each patient also took a placebo tablet for three months, without being told which was which.
Those given the drug came back into themselves, while those who took the placebo did not.
Talk therapy by itself was no better than the placebo.
Half of the offenders received daily nutritional supplements, and the rest placebo pills.
In clinical trials it extended the lives of patients about four months compared with a placebo.
Most folk cures, as the authors admit, have little value beyond a placebo effect.
In neither of the double-blind studies did patients receiving the experimental drug live longer than patients receiving placebo.
Another study suggested a higher risk of precancerous polyps among users of folic acid compared with those in a placebo group.
Apparently the airline had been handing out vouchers as a sort of placebo to get people out of their way.
One group of volunteers was asked to take a dietary supplement, the other group was told they were getting a placebo.
And those patients who receive a placebo treatment come away with the same results.
It does indeed, harness the power of the placebo effect, but it is effective.
On one end of the spectrum would be the placebo effect.
Fear of receiving a placebo is one such misconception.
Different studies of the placebo effect report wildly different results.
Roughly the same number of patients were given placebo pills.
But larger clinically controlled trials are needed to prove that it is better than a placebo.
They received either hydrocortisone treatment or a placebo in the two weeks after birth.
Giving out placebo birth control pills might cause a stir.
But until recently, no clinical studies taking into account the placebo effects have established that they actually work.
To stay under cover, a placebo also must produce side effects, he added.
Half of them will receive these supplements, while the others receive a placebo.
After decades in the jungles of fringe science, the placebo effect has become the elephant in the boardroom.
But there was only one clinical trial to compare reserpine to a placebo with depressed patients.
The other group got a similar-tasting but sterile placebo.
It's no less ethical to withhold potentially life-saving drugs from a placebo group.

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For me, as a beginning novelist, all other living writers form a control group for whom the world is a placebomore
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