place setting in a sentence

Example sentences for place setting

Each place setting comes with a special booster seat with a doll-sized place setting.
Each guest receives one free drink, a paper place setting and access to the special party bounce room.
The pots would also be cute place setting markers for a luncheon party with garden friends.
At each place setting was a commemorative bronze medallion wrapped in white paper and pink ribbon.
It's the first holiday season after the loss of a loved one, and you want to honor them with a place setting at the table.
If you and your fiancé eat only salads, you may not want a five-piece place setting for your wedding.
Therefore, this chapter can be applied to every work place setting as follows.
Help sett he table, matching a napkin with each place setting.
Energy consumption on smaller capacity models should be calculated by looking at the energy consumption per place setting.
The fork, the individual place setting, and the dining room table and chairs led to great changes in how people ate.
Create your own personalized place setting to eat from.
At each table place setting was an agenda, event ideas form, miscellaneous party favors and a thank you gift for attending.
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