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Have students go back to their descriptions of another location and decide if they described the location or the place.
Look to your left into the kitchen as you place your order and you will see a big white mound of masa.
This report is solidly positive for the economy: bit by bit the pieces of recovery are falling into place.
The study is novelistic in its revelation of character and sense of place.
Our sense of self is intimately entwined with that of place.
The mesh and a wood backing holds the soil in place.
It is an unbelievably beautiful place.
We wanted to place the tables side by side and visually unify them as one piece.
This place is magical.
Choosing a place to land on Mars should be easy.
Our civilization has made the world a better place.
List the ways that humans impact the environment in this place.
Place pan on back of range, cut squares apart with a sharp knife, and roll while warm in tubular or cornucopia shape.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and place in a well-greased broiler.
But in any case a formally worded request is out of place.
Keep remaining coffee and egg closely covered, in a cool place, to use two successive mornings.
Tyrant, step from the throne, and give place to thy master.
Place on platter, cut string, and remove string and skewers.
Place in the centre of each a stuffed olive, made by removing stone and filling cavity with sardine mixture.
Split and bone a bluefish, place on a well-buttered sheet, and cook twenty minutes in a hot oven.
It's an induction hob which lets you place pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop.
Or the next best thing, a place that appears not to be there.
No other place promises such easy and overwhelming immersion in the wild world.
But no other place promises such easy and overwhelming immersion in the wild world.
Pour or shovel in remaining lava stone around pipe to hold it in place.
For smooth surfaces, put a piece of tape on the back of each dot, and place.
Plus, in the off-season, you've got the typically packed place to yourself.
Immediately place tomatoes in ice cold water and peel skins.
Every garden should offer a secluded place to relax.
Do that once when ornaments are in place and you'll never miss a watering again.
It gives the eye a natural resting place and the feet a destination.
But the one constant is that it takes great people to make a great place to live.
Place them in the bed so they overlap and curve up the sides.
Head out of the airport and you immediately sense you're in a different kind of place.
It has a low membership fee for students, and its annual conference is a great place to network and meet people in the industry.
At your place, it may be ok to have external people not in the subfield.
If at all possible, do not to take a place site unseen.
Every supervisor and colleague who had any close knowledge of my teaching and scholarship is no longer affiliated with the place.
Lovers seek to create a place that they can inhabit together against the obstacles of the world.
Marriage promises that they will live in that place forever.
It has often proved easiest and cheapest for these governments to appropriate rural farmland and leave the farmers in place.
Clients, and the consultants who advise them, often do not want to have all their money managed in one place.
Students will be asked to think of their favorite place or a place they find particularly interesting.
Getting better at recognizing species only made me more curious to know why there were so many kinds in the first place.
Every place has sounds that you might not notice, but those sounds help to create a sense of place.
Ask your students to guess the name of the place described.
One of the things that makes each community a unique place is the variety of people who live there.
But simply memorizing terms and place locations can be tedious and even boring.
But this situation is not made up-it is a real place.
The crashing snow tears down trees, giving berry bushes a place to grow.
Near the end of the intramural debate over the policy, one critical change took place.
Place the finished breads on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
Finally, place them on top of a paper towel to absorb excess grease.
The best fiction is grounded, made real, by its sense of place.
It's rare that a place is entirely worth visiting simply because it's cheap.
In the water you'd see a pretty hostile place, with lots of predatory fish with giant fangs.
Academic scientists and clinicians need a place at the table with government and industry scientists.
Many of the world's largest earthquakes take place at subduction zones where tectonic plates collide, forcing one under the other.
Lets place automated construction equipment to build shelters tunnels, place a power plant to recharge this equipment.
The energy released by the sliding fault needs to be enough to overcome the friction holding rocks in place.
The universe is a mighty big place, but there is no shortage of amazement right here in our celestial neighborhood.
We often think of the moon as a place, but in fact it is a hundred million places, an archipelago of solitude.
The pattern of going to this place each morning for water to drink becomes a law.
Seeing this stuff all over the place is disheartening.
The universe will always seem a potentially malevolent place to me, ready to unleash some unknown disaster at any moment.
Religion's place in evolution is a provocative topic to begin with.
There needs to be a place at the table for all types of agricultural production, retail food access, and business opportunities.
No matter what you expect to see when you visit a new place, the reality you will find will be different.
But maybe that's because her family doesn't quite understand why she's in the acting business in the first place.
Place a call to your friendly investment banker, of course.
It is a place where public security has actually improved.
How they choose to do it is less interesting, in the end, than why they were driven to do it in the first place.
The place of silliness in motion pictures is a matter of the utmost seriousness.
The place hadn't been painted in many decades, though the last occupants had left it relatively clean.
But something happened here, and it may have taken place on a stage of clay.
Human bodies are imperfect machines in which a range of biology can take place.
And the change took place in the realm of day-to-day decision making, not in the realm of knowledge and skills.
We should be much further along in developing solar power, for instance, but there was no system in place to nurture its growth.
So one invented language put the negation element in a permissible place, while the other put it in an impermissible place.
In both cases, the researchers carved out a hiding place in a crystal of the mineral calcite.
And finally, it's possible that the universe extends infinitely far, but conditions vary wildly from place to place.
It is now working to place its liquid-explosives-detection technology in airports.
One unauthorized video comes down, and two more spring up in its place.
If they succeed, the world could be a different place.
And wind-turbine farms could gain a place to use excess electricity on high-wind days.
Now, when you place a bid it's a matter of seconds before it shows up in the index.
Wave energy systems place objects on the water's surface that generate energy by rising and falling with the waves.
By that, computer scientists mean computation that takes place in steps that are time reversible.
The electrode has to be held in place with an adhesive tape.
When solving a jigsaw puzzle, the solution can sometimes be stymied by the fact that a wrong piece has been wedged in a key place.
Several startup companies are also jostling for a place in the market.
It was even able to remove dishes from a dishwasher and place them on a drying rack.
Besides, gadgets are already now equipped with the facilities and there are industry standards in place.
Commercial fleets are a logical place to introduce battery-powered electric vehicles.
With the database now largely in place, testing is imminent.
If a system produces the same result regardless of when it takes place, it must obey the law of conservation of energy.
The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important.
When this alignment takes place, a powerful magnetic field effectively becomes frozen in place.
In these margaritas, frozen watermelon takes the place of ice.
Make a dimple in dough in mold and place ball of dough in dimple.
Mix this marinade well, cover the bowl with a towel and let it stand in a cool place or in the refrigerator overnight.
Seal and store in a cool, dry place until ready to use.
Sometimes the best food is what you grew up with, what formed your impression of that food in the first place.
To the reviewer above me-you don't really need a picture of this place to get the idea.
The author should evoke a sense of place, and above all, evoke how people live.
It goes by various names which, depending on the one you use, indicate to the cognoscenti for how long you have known the place.
In other words, he's thinking creatively about what place means.
In their place the chef plans to offer roasted poultry and baked herbed potatoes.
But since her favorite place closed six weeks ago, she wandered every day to one restaurant or another.
We hear plenty about safe words, but don't underestimate the power of a safe place.
She wouldn't say who had bought the place, either, because it was still in escrow.
It then began to register all over the place, from a gruff and husky whisper to a papery, plaintive bleat.
They always did, but they were meant as guides for him before the actual shoot took place.
People have seen you looking for a place for the past couple of months and yet you're still ordering room service.
Many of the hazardous and unpleasant confrontations with brothel keepers that resulted took place in broad daylight.
The history of music is an interaction of individual talent, social pressures, and the musical system already in place.
It is a state of mind or heart rather than a place or people.
His labors to guarantee freedom of religion would in themselves be enough to insure his place in my private pantheon.
It had begun to fall, and where a thicket of brambles obscured the collapse, the cows found a place to cross.
If something exists in one place, it will exist everywhere.

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