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Though they proved much less strident and better humoured in conversation than the placard would have you believe.
Even a placard on a kamikaze plane fails to mention that the pilot was thus on a suicide mission.
The demo does the talking, not some placard tacked on at the end.
She also cited his conviction for forging a parking placard and changes he made to a report he had drafted about the collapse.
They put a placard in the window saying where they were headed and took only fares going in that direction.
The placard which appeared in our streets spoke of the law as having been a dead letter for forty years.
Dime to a dollar, you had her election placard in your window, voted for her and will vote for her the next time around.
Your hotel concierge can help, or you can check the service placard in your hotel room for the number and call directly.
The first step toward acquiring a placard is determining the appropriate option for you.
If your disabled placard was stolen, please report it to your local law enforcement agency.
Obtaining a disability parking placard or disability plate.
If you have a placard that was issued prior to this date, it will be honored until it expires.

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I have never felt a placard and a poem are in any way similar.... more
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