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Most drastically, a switch to center pivot irrigation shows up as bright red circles.
Stars orbit the pivot point at the center of galaxies, planets in turn orbit stars, and moons in turn orbit planets.
Center pivot irrigation system for site-specific water and nutrient management.
One such application is reporting center-pivot and lateral-move field position.
Accurate knowledge of center-pivot or lateral-move position in real time is critical for site-specific irrigation.
If the lift rod still operates stiffly, adjust the pivot rod.
Seller must cut it price to pivot on its sale and buyer must be able to repay to buy.
Both sea horses and pipefishes employ the tilt-and-slurp technique, known as pivot feeding.
Most helicopters allow the main rotor blades to either flap up and down or pivot forward and back as they spin.
Underneath the basin, it is connected to a clevis rod and pivot rod.
In this photograph he is wrapping the wave using his hand to pivot back toward the shoreline.
The satellite's solar mirror can pivot to face the sun.
First it makes its entrance, grand and commanding, forcing every activity to pivot around its fall.
The deep-sea fish's tubular eyes pivot under a clear dome.
Screw the bottom pivot brackets into place on the floor.
Auto-adjusting straps pivot to fit a diverse range of helmet and head shapes.
It has to both support the battery packs and connect the steering head to the swing-arm pivot.
The kit will include all the necessary hardware: the track, pivot pins, pivot brackets and handles.
The larger magnets form the pivot and the smaller magnets let the pen snap into place.
Devices similar to wind turbines pivot with changes in tides.
The aircraft's wings pivot forward for takeoffs and back for high-speed cruising.
Pivot the upper sash out of the frame, unfasten the cords or chains, and remove it.
Aside from the light pen there was the tracking ball and a slider on a pivot.
Pivot the freed end of the lower sash toward you to remove the sash from the frame.
Then pivot the hinge to disengage the roller from the track.
Then pivot the sash toward the inside of the room and wiggle it loose from the opposite track.
Pivot the apple, and cut again, until only the core remains.
He found he could pivot on his left leg, cover first base, charge a bunt.
But now it is time to pivot and address the long-term fiscal problem.
Improvements cover the way you format data or employ so-called pivot tables.
His feet remain quick enough to pivot free in the red zone.
As summer fades to fall, publishers pivot from beach reads to weightier books.
And it's now ready to pivot, and start selling customers to merchants on many other fronts.
These cases have something in common: they pivot on the question of innocence.
Pivot irrigation farm seeking an experienced individual that understands pivots and farming.
Water is applied at a uniform rate by progressive increase of nozzle size from the pivot to the end of the line.
It was also determined that such equipment may need to be retrofitted with a redesigned boom pivot pin.

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