pistachio in a sentence

Example sentences for pistachio

Their nature-inspired companions are mossy green and a near-pistachio shade of white.
The free game's first two levels, set among pistachio trees, can be played without logging in.
Other varieties of cupcakes include almond, pistachio, chocolate peanut butter and carrot cake.
Sherbet in a variety of flavors from rose water to pistachio also is popular.
The dessert options include lemon tart, caramelized apple cheesecake, pistachio parfait and creme brulee.
It's a popular way to sample a range of dishes, such as tea-scented duck and lobster in a raisin-pistachio puree.
Its take on pate, a wild mushroom and pistachio concoction, is delicious.
Gaga ate pistachio chicken, fried chicken and waffles.
Her lush candies come in several flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, coconut and pistachio.
The pistachio and cardamom cake was a delight to make and had a beautiful green and butter-yellow batter.
The fruit produced by pistachio trees is a semi-dry drupe, similar to the fruit of an almond tree.
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