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None of those practices have eliminated underground pirate networks on many campuses.
Somewhere on the world's waterways, a pirate will try to strike today.
Play a game by guessing pirate captains, ships, and treasures.
The green dot is the first pirate counted and the red dot is the captain.
Any attempt to intervene will end in more deaths, says a pirate source.
So, it's not about being a pirate but being offered the means to be legal.
Take to the high seas and see how much pirate lore you know.
The authorities should also go after the dozen known kingpins who back the pirate gangs.
Better to move them all and leave their thieving, killing members to themselves and their pirate ships.
He eventually died in peace-a rare ending for a pirate.
If so, turning pirate might have been his way of escaping punishment when the revolt failed.
They still have a beautiful sailing culture, and restaurants have pirate themes.
Regulators from several nations patrol and try to limit pirate fishing.
The sailor of that day would go near to be arraigned as a pirate in our own.
Parton says she started thinking of a pirate-themed show about five years ago.
Kids who wear a pirate costume to the cruise win a prize, and everyone gets the chance to practice tying a pirate knot.
Local restaurants will offer free pirate fare all day at the event.
Disrupting the pirate support infrastructure ashore and/or overseas.
Remember the pirates may have fears about other pirate groups in addition to normal tensions regularly experienced in the region.
Part of the over-the-top action includes setting fire to one of the pirate ships.

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