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The only way to ameliorate this problem is to control piracy from land.
But the technology to prevent piracy may not even work and could cost universities hundreds of thousands of dollars, critics say.
It also explains why online music piracy may at last be in decline.
Translate what you've learned about counterfeiting and piracy into a fact sheet alerting other kids to the problem.
And this estimate does not even include the revenues made by illegal copying and other forms of piracy.
If e-textbooks catch on, however, publishers may see a rise in online piracy.
Some musicians try to halt online piracy by turning to lawyers.
Now, whether attacking these ships on the high seas is piracy or not is definitely an open question.
Fueled by high prices and weak law enforcement, piracy is ingrained in the culture.
The heavy metal artists are the first musicians to sue the software maker and universities for enabling music piracy.
Previously, there had been no widely accepted jurisdiction over piracy cases originating on the high seas.
Piracy isn't driven by the media, it drives the media.
We've covered a lot of ground so far in our debate this week on copyright, piracy and digital filtering.
But television firms soon banded together to develop alternatives to piracy.
And there is always the threat that online piracy might take off.
Details of a controversial plan to make money from music piracy are beginning to emerge.
Piracy of films and music, in particular, is rampant.
The record industry continues its claims that the sky is falling due to piracy.
Gangs specialized in everything from waterborne piracy to picking pockets, burglary and election fraud.
It had come to buy and sell, and it found itself achieving a tremendous piracy.
The fact that some of it was lost at sea, and has been found and salvaged can hardly be defined as piracy.
The trade group also asked university officials to forward warning letters to students allegedly engaged in music piracy.
What's interesting in all of this is the influence of piracy.
Colleges and universities have taken different approaches to the recording industry's anti-piracy campaign.
Glimpse the golden age of piracy through the eyes of those who shared the sea with the saltiest dogs.
What's more, some of the private groups professing to fight piracy are instead reportedly engaged in it.
The bills are aimed at thwarting piracy, by forcing the shutdown of any site that hosts pirated content.
It claimed that he was a noble, who with his uncle, was probably involved in sporadic piracy.
So that means you need a legitimate paying monthly subscription to play the game and as such theres no chance of piracy.
Maritime piracy is at an all-time high, and it is costing businesses and ultimately consumers.
Instead of going into stores and buying games, piracy ran rampant and western game makers couldn't figure out how to make money.
The first books about pirates appeared surprisingly soon after the piracy they described.
And crack down on copyright piracy and the export of contaminated products.
So great was the fear of piracy that photography was banned, and there was an embargo on all publicity for one month.
Instead, provide services that make piracy unattractive.
The studios have focused lately on fighting piracy outside our borders.
The prescriptions for dealing with piracy are simple enough.
Meanwhile the industry faces a more immediate crisis-piracy.
He now writes about topics as diverse as music piracy, newspaper economics and the independent film business.
Game publishers have spent the past two decades dreaming up new ways to combat piracy.

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