pipe wrench in a sentence

Example sentences for pipe wrench

The controls were being held in the drilling position with a bungee cord and pipe wrench.
Place the pipe wrench on the coupling inside the barrel.
Make sure you have a crescent or pipe wrench near the gas and water valves and in your emergency supplies.
The socket head shall be protected from being rotated with a pipe wrench or similar tool.
Never use a pipe wrench as a wrench handle extension.
Secure cylinder in vise, begin to remove valve with pipe wrench or other suitable tool.
Have an adjustable pipe wrench for turning off gas and water.
It may be necessary to remove a cap by heating with a torch or by use of a large pipe wrench with a several foot pipe extender.
He injured his neck when a thirty-six inch pipe wrench he was using slipped off a steam trap.
Have an adjustable or pipe wrench for turning off gas and water.
Personnel were sent into the containment to manually open the valve with a pipe wrench.
On that date he was using a pipe wrench on a brake cylinder of a truck when he felt something in his back.
When an employee tightened it, the employee would use a large tool a four-foot pipe wrench.
In general, chain tongs are used for turning pipe or fittings of a diameter larger than that which a pipe wrench would fit.
There is evidence to indicate that this relocation was accomplished using a pipe wrench.
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